Thursday, December 26, 2013

Open Forum Notes 12-26-2013

We covered a number of topics as the questions came in. Spent a few minutes talking about the standard window and how to move it around and resize it. How to double click the title bar to toggle between full size and restore size. How to click in the upper left corner an pop up a menu. And now to press Alt+F4 to close the window.

Talked about using Skype and how to install it. Showed my Skype screen and  answered questions about using it.

We were asked how to remove a printer. Showed how to print up the printers windows, right-click an remove a printer. This does not remove it from Programs. Use an uninstall program to do that; the one that is in Control Panel or in CCleaner or in Glary Utilities.

Suggested using Dropbox to get pictures from a phone (iPhone or Android) to your PC. Install on the PC first, then download the app for the phone and set it up with the same credentials (username and password) as the PC. Now even you take a picture it will be sent to the Dropbox and then when you sign on to your computer it will be downloaded to it. Here is the link to download it:

Spent a lot of time on the apps I use to maintain my computer. Here is the paper I wrote back in November: The only change is that I am using the defrag in Glary Utilities instead of Defraggler. It seem to run a lot faster.

I suggested to all to take Ron's maintenance class on Tuesday from 2-4.

We also looked at Locknote to keep a password protected note. I use it for my passwords so they are all in one place and protected instead of being in a Word file called passwords! Here is a link to download that program:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

File Management is Fun

Well I hope it was fun today as we delved into files and folders. You can download the handout at

I found a great You Tube video that explaines files and folder. Check it out at:

Next week we may just spend a couple of hours in an open forum format. In other words we will go in whatever direction you want to take. I will have something in my bag of tricks to show you if there is not many questions.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

This Week's Class 12-19-2013

Files and folders have been around forever with computers.

We will cover these questions and more...

What is a file? Are they all the same? What is a folder? Can I have more than one folder inside a folder? What about libraries? Do they have books I can borrow? (just kidding!). How do I copy files and folders or move them from one place to another? Can I name them whatever I like? Can I change the name later if I don't like what I originally said? How does the computer know which program to open when I double-click on a file? How can I see those hidden file extensions?

The New Yahoo Mail

Some ideas on fixing some of the things I did not like. Maybe you an use them...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

File Management 12-19-2013

Full class today with 20 in attendance. Sure glad we have a new room to hold the sessions in. Thank you Computer Club for making it available! We burned and copied audio and data CD's.

Next week let's talk about files and folders and type of files and how to find things and how to copy and move them and more...

Come with your questions and with your laptops so I can help you with your issues, if I can.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Burning CDs class 12-12-2013

How do we use these CD/DVD drives we have on our computers. What are these CD-R and CD-RW designations all about? How can we backup some of our stuff to CD's (or DVD's). Can we copy a CD or DVD? Will the CD I make work in my CD player?

We will actually burn and copy CD's and DVD's to demonstrate how you can do it.

They are good ways to keep copies of your pictures and important files. Even great to create albums of pictures to duplicate and send to your family at Christmas. Got favorite songs you like to listen to? Burn them onto a CD and play them in your car.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let's Talk Internet 12-5-2013

Yes, we have hit on this topic a number of times. But every time is a little different and many coming have questions. Some of you may not have been present at previous talks on this subject and are just clicking away.

Will look at different browsers and talk about using the Internet safely and how to locate Web sites using the browser and the address bar. They are not the same and one is much safer than the other.

And what is this http all about?

Should be a fun time as we jump into the Web finding out new things as we go.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 5th Class

I trust you all have had your fill of turkey. I know we have. Hope you enjoyed your time with family and friends. We spent time with Dianne's mothers here in Florida.

Well I used my Hallmark program to create a Christmas Card for this year. I will send it out soon to everyone. The computer version plays music as it moves through the card. I uploaded it to YouTube so I can easily send it. And, yes I will print some mailing labels to US mail cards to those on the list without computer access.

I will be there this Thursday ready for another couple of hours of hands on training. Not sure what the topic will be yet. Any suggestions?