Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Computer Club Notes 2-25-2020

Custom Templates
A member had a good question about how to create custom templates in Google Docs. We poked around for a little while and could not easily find out how. We were able to find an article with step by step instructions on do it but did not have time in class to finish.

Convert PDF to an Image
This free PDF to JPG online converter is the simplest way to convert PDF to JPG. Nothing to download and to install, the whole process takes place online. It converts your PDF to produce high quality JPGs.

Recover Deleted Photos
So you’ve deleted a precious picture from your phone. Or worse, you broke or reset your device and lost them all. Now you need to know how to recover deleted photos from an Android phone.

I recommend using Google Photos to back up your photos to the cloud as you take photos from your cell phone. Then if you lose them from your phone you will still have them in the cloud.

Here is an article I wrote on photos:

To locate deleted pictures or any file on your hard drive or even flash drives get a copy of Recuva from Piriform

How do I use screen mirroring
When you want to display content from your phone or tablet on a nearby TV, you may be able to use screen mirroring. This feature allows you to replicate (or “mirror”) the screen of your compatible Android™ or Windows® device wirelessly onto your TV screen. With screen mirroring, you can send web pages, videos, photos, music, and more to your compatible Roku® streaming player or Roku TV™. In other words, whatever you see and do on your mobile device appears on your TV.

Most current generation Roku streaming players and Roku TVs support screen mirroring with notable exceptions listed below. To find the model of your Roku device, go to Settings > System > About

How To Watch TV By Channel
The Links below are to articles explaining how to watch each channel through various TV streaming services. Click on any of the TV channels below and learn how to watch each channel online. and

Turn your old, outdated, slow PC into a like-new PC. Why invest in a new computer when you can transform your old computer into a like-new one for under $25 to $80 (depending on which Xtra-PC model you choose);

SlideBox - Slide Scanner
Photomyne's new memory preservation app for scanning photo slides. The app itself is rather simple, but we'd like you to consider the following tips to achieve the best possible scanning results and to make sure you're having fun while using the app.

Email Deletes
When you delete an email using a web-based email such as Gmail or Yahoo, all the mail is on their server in the cloud. What resides on your computer are the last ones you looked at. If you delete an email from your phone and then go to your PC, that email may still appear because it is in the cache for that browser. Refresh the screen or instruct it to look for new mail and the deleted ones are gone.

The trash folder contains the email you deleted and is purged automatically of anything older than 30 days. What you delete by hand from the trash folder is gone right away. However, the emails still reside in their backup files so don’t think they are totally gone.

What version of Windows 10 do I have?

Win+R and type WINVER and press Enter

File Manager Preview

When you are in File Manager (the file folder on the taskbar), press Alt+P and a preview window will open to the right of the file names. As you click to an image a preview will appear to the right. Alt+P to turn it off. It will also preview other files such as documents, PDFs, Spreadsheets and others.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Computer Club Notes 2-18-2020

Alternative Clicking
It gets confusing when thinking about clicking. Is it right-click or left-click or even center-click? When do I double-click and when single?

Maintenance Programs
The three maintenance programs being loaded on machine here at the club include Wise Disk Cleaner, SuperAntispyware, and MalwareBytes. We are no longer using CCleaner. And some of us are using Glary Utilities. All but Wise are available on Ninite. We suggest running these about once a week to keep your computer clean.

How To Use Wise Disk Cleaner
I have used CCleaner for many years to clean the temporary and other files that are no longer necessary. I have also used it to clean the Registry stripping off unneeded entries. However, many articles have appeared recently about issues with CCleaner that have made me think about looking for an alternative. One that I use on a regular basis is Glary Utilities and it is simple to use as long as you don’t get down into the details. Wise Disk Cleaner is a quick download and installation. You can even get it as a portable file to use from a flash drive. I installed it on my computer with an icon on the Desktop.

Glary Utilities
Glary is easy to use and with one click you can clean out the junk. If you want more tools they are available, too. Use the following link to get your copy of GU.

There are three tabs along the top. 1-Click Maintenance is where you want to start. The checkmarks indicate the processes that will be used to clean your computer. Disk Repair and Track Eraser are unchecked.

Click Scan for Issues

One at a time each of the checked items is processed. Problems are indicated and a progress bar shows where each step is in the process. When the analysis is completed, click Repair Problems to fix any issue found. If you place a checkmark in the box to the left of Automatically repair the fix will automatically continue after the analysis is done.

Where Are My Photos?
My Cell Phone is used for all my picture taking. As a result of that, I have thousands of pictures. I use the Google Photos App so every photo I take is automatically uploaded to the Google Cloud where I can access them from any device and all my pictures are stored for free as well.

How To Use Ninite Installer
In my opinion, Ninite is the safest site to install programs from. When you open Ninite you are presented with a list of programs to select from. You check the ones you want– the ones I picked here are Chrome, Malwarebytes, SUPERAntiSpyware, Revo, and Glary. They are programs I use to maintain my computer. Ninite does not download any of the programs you have checked. It downloads a tiny installer program to your computer which contains a list of the programs you checked.

Build a free website in 10 minutes
WebStarts is everything you need to create and maintain your very own website. Traditionally websites are written in HTML code, that code is stored on a server, and a domain is pointed to it. The process of setting up a traditional website is tedious, technical, and expensive. If you don't know how to code you might hire a web developer. Next, you need to purchase server space. Finally, you need to register a domain. It's a hassle to manage three different bills and three different companies. The whole process is so confusing it leaves a lot of people wondering how to make a website at all.

The site we built can be found at

If I would like my own domain like I can purchase it at Webstart on my account page. The domain name and a hosting package are about $75 annually. If I had my own domain name already I can point it to my free subdomain at no charge.

Please use the link below to build your own site for free

Are you tired of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you've come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field, we will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires.

Free Streaming Service with Classic TV
The TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial TV network, founded in 1960, has announced the launch of 12 free streaming channels available currently on TVS has produced and syndicated many news, sports, and entertainment television programs to the national TV audience. The new streaming video service will have classic TV programs and movies 24 hours a day. While all of the classic programming is of a vintage nature, TVS plans an aggressive slate of new programs that capture the historic nature of television. TVS plans to bring in 500 new shows per year.

Another Service we looked at is and it lists all the stations you might want to access. As you click on each one it describes the various ways you can access the station.

Yes, you can record shows off live TV suing an Antenna. A TiVo DVR serves a function similar to that of a videocassette recorder (VCR), in that both allow a TV viewer to record programming for viewing at a later time, known as time shifting. Unlike a videocassette recorder, which uses removable magnetic tape cartridges, a TiVo DVR stores TV programs on an internal hard drive, much like a computer.
Discover how many FREE over-the-air channels are available from your local television broadcasters. Enter your address or zip code to find how many channels you can receive using an antenna. This helps you to point your TV antenna in the right direction.


Move those pesky keychain rewards cards to your cell phone. Click the card and a screen displays the bar code to use at checkout. Works on iPhone and Android. Get it in your app/play store.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Computer Club Class Notes 2-11-2020

Tablet Cleaner Apps
Routine maintenance is not a necessity in Android, but it surely is a good idea to brush up your Android phone from time to time to boost performance, enhance battery life, and get rid of junk files. That’s what Android cleaners are for. But do these Android cleaning applications really work?

Change Default Search Engine
All browsers have a default search engine that is activated when you type something into its address bar. Edge has Bing, Chrome has Google, etc. To change the default in Chrome, select the menu (three dots in the upper right) and select Settings. On the left, choose default browser.

Using the pulldown, choose the new default.

Wise vs CCleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner Is Like CCleaner, But Better. For many CCleaner has been the go-to tool for freeing up drive space for years. And while it does the job well, it never hurts to be on the lookout for better programs. Take Wise Disk Cleaner — it not only does much of what CCleaner can do but goes the extra mile in a lot of ways.

How To Use Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner Review

Send a Facebook picture in an email
Locate the picture on Facebook in the timeline or in someone’s post
Left-click on the pictures to open it
Right-click on the new picture and “save image as” saving it and remember where you saved it
Compose a new email and attached the saved file

Bookmark Bar: Ctrl+Shift+B will turn it on-off in most browsers

Display two windows
Point to the title bar (top of the window) and drag the window all the way past the right side. Then drag the second window the same way but to the left. You can change the size of either window.

Alternatively, right-click the taskbar and choose Show windows side by side

Bookmark Sidebar

In Firefox there is a bookmark sidebar that can be opened showing all bookmarks. This option is available in Chrome with an extension called bookmark sidebar. I set mine to show on the left when I move my mouse to the left side and left-click. Moving back to the right closes the bar.

Fix Windows problems with Troubleshooter
If you find that your Windows 10/8/7 computer is facing some hardware or device issues or problems, you can run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. This automated troubleshooter will try to identify and then resolve the issues that it finds.