Thursday, October 29, 2015

Class Summary 10-29-2015

Thanks, Paul for the solution to my question about how you find the programs in the Windows 10 Start Menu:

When you were trying to get a look at Programs in the Win10 start menu today, did you have an option that says “all Apps”? When you click on that button, all the programs, apps…… show up in an alphabetical listing.

I still like the way ClassicShell renders them…

We began with some general Facebook questions about security and how to make your posts available to friend, public, or self. Friends are those you have accepted a friend request from.

We took a look at how to print a document in booklet form in Word. On the Layout ribbon, locate the diagonal arrow in the lower right of the Page Setup group and click it. This opens the Page Setup dialog box. Under Pages pull down the list for Multiple pages and select Book Fold, then click OK. Your document will be reformatted to fit a half size piece of paper and when printed it will create a booklet.
We looked at how to access clipart in Office 2013 and 2016 as clip art does not install with the product as is did in previous version of Office. Also used the long link to that solution to demonstrate using to shorten it to give to someone else.
Good article on using windows key shortcuts in Windows 10, but many work with previous versions of Windows as well.
This article suggests a few changes to the settings in Windows 10 right away. Most of them I have used on previous versions of Windows as well.
A new way to take screenshots in Windows 10 is to hold down the Windows key and then tap Prtscr. This takes a snapshot of the screen and places it as an image file (png format) in the screenshot folder in documents. Just pressing Prtscr places the image in the clipboard only. We have also looked at other screen print options such as the Snipping Tools, Greenshot, and MWSnap.
A good article on installing ClassicShell which works great on Window 10 and 8 and even 7.
Article shows you how to create your own keyboard shortcuts to open your favorite programs from the keyboard

Lastly we looked at how to show the bookmark (favorites) bar at the top of the browser under the address bar. In all four main browsers (Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome), this is done under settings and usually has an option like “Show bookmark bar”. In Chome Ctrl+Shift+B will toggle it on and off.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Class Summary 10-22-2015

A busy afternoon with fifteen in attendance. We began demonstrating how you can have two monitors connected to your laptop and display different windows in each. When you connect the second monitor with a VGA connector or even a TV set with an HDMI cable, you press Win+P to open the project window.

You can have only one screen in operation, or both displaying the same screen like I do in class to show you a larger view on the large TV screen of what I am doing on my laptop, or you can have one screen on the laptop active and drag windows from it to the second screen allowing you to work on two applications at once without having to switch back and forth. (BTW that is what is called a run on sentence!)

Then we had a discussion about OneDrive. It comes with Windows 7-10. When you open the File Manager you will see it in the left column. Click and it will open showing you all the folders it contains. It is like looking into all the files and folders in your Document folder. You can save files under OneDrive or in your documents, or other, folders. When you save them in OneDrive they are automatically sent to your Microsoft Cloud which is free for 15gb of data. If you do not have a Microsoft account, then you will not see the OneDrive folder in File Explorer. If you are not connected to the Internet the files are still in your OneDrive folder on your PC. When you connect to the Internet, the files are synchronized so both the Cloud and your PC have the same files. When you sign into your account, your Microsoft account, from another PC you have access to all those files. Think of it like a backup in the cloud of all your work. When you drag a file from your PC into OneDrive, the file is moved to the new location, but is still on your PC. It is just in your OneDrive folder instead of your Document folder.

When your browser is running slow it may be because you have too many items in its cache. That is a temporary place that holds data from previous browsing that will speed up access to previously viewed pages. This is good until you have so much in your browser cache that accessing it is slower as the browser has to search through all its entries to open the page you are looking to open.

To clear the cache, you can bring up the Tools window in your browser. In Chrome you can press Ctrl+Shift+Del to open the dialog box. I do not suggest clearing the cookies and plugin data, just click Clear browsing data with the checkmark on Cached images and files. Your browsing with be a little quicker.

More on browsers: understanding tabs, right-click on open tab, right-click on new tab, looking into history, using the address bar -- auto fill, ctrl+L, selecting and copying, printing, etc. And we discussed using the center button your your mouse to open a link in a new tab. The center button is the scroll wheel. Not using a mouse? Right click the link and one of the options is to open the link in a new tab.
We took a look at using the above site to convert a PDF to a Word file to be able to make changes in that file. The actual file created is not a DOC but a RTF (Rich Text FOrmat) that can be opened in any word processing program. Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016 will open a PDF and allow you to make changes to it and save it as either a DOC or a PDF file. Older versions will not opne a PDF directly, so a conversion application like this website is necessary. LibreOffice will open a PDF, but it creates and series of images opening it's Image program, not a word processing file.
Use this cloud application to edit a PDF online. Not useful for making changes in a PDF. This is more for completing a PDF form--like inserting your name and address and maybe adding an image of your signature to email the completed form to someone.

Instructions on how to use this application can be found at this site:

I know we touched on much more, but this is all I can remember tonight.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Class Summary 10-15-2015

We talked about how to get back to Windows 8 or 7 if you do not like 10. we Googled the question and found a YouTube video that walked us through it--step-by-step. It is pretty easy to do it, but perhaps you might want some instruction on 10 before taking that step. Here is the video we found:

Using MS Word, I demonstrated how to generate some random text using a website called You do not need Word. It just generates as much text as you need so you can copy and paste it into whatever program you to use it for.

While we were in Word a question was asked about using and rotating text boxes. Most Word users are not aware of text boxes as they just open word and start typing. Text boxes allow you to create a “box” of text and manipulate it like different fonts and colors from the document you are placing them into. You can change the backgrounds and even add pictures. And you can rotate the box so it is upside down or at any angle you want. This is great for creating your own greeting cards, quarter fold.

I was asked about the messages that pop up to update Java and Adobe. Both are necessary and neither comes with Windows, any version. So it is okay to allow those update. Be sure to read the screens to make sure you do not allow any other programs to install--look for checkboxes and radio buttons. is a good way to update programs without haveing to beconcerned with any other installs.

Some were not aware of the available addon to bring back the start menu looking like XP, Vista, or 7. You might give it a try before throwing out 10. Go to and download it. I think you will like it.

While in ninite, I was asked what VLC was all about. It is a media player that allows you to play DVD’s on your PC without having to purchase the Microsoft Media Player that was left out of 8 and 10. Get it from Ninite. (link above)

Last week we touched on Photo Story 3. Today we created a movie from still images and looked at how to add word, voice over, music and change the way the animation works. Download your copy from:

Talked a little about email. Many use the email provided by the internet server they are using, like comcast or embarq in this area. I suggest using an email that is in the cloud like Yahoo, gMail, live, or a host of others. Have your other email forward to your cloud email. Then wherever you are you can access your email and if you change providers you do not have to change your email address.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Class Summary 10-8-2015

After spending a couple of hours with someone this week on how to get pictures from his camera over to his computer and then to an email, I decided I should talk again about pictures to the class. Here are the points, as I remember them, we touched on today with members both in the class and joining us online via Google Hangouts.

If you search the class notes you will find many notes on most of what we discussed today, so I will briefly write on each topic.

Pictures to the PC from our cameras and cell phones
Cameras and cell phones store the pictures you take in memory. Some have removable storage using SD or MicroSD cards. Even if they do not, the device can be plugged into a USB port on your PC. Windows see the device like it does a USB flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive) and will display its contents in File Explorer. The pictures can be found in the folder named DCIM. I looked it up and it stands for Digital Camera IMage folder. Just like moving files to and from a USB flash drive, you can move files to and from your picture taking device.

Pictures from FacebookWhen you are viewing a picture on your newsfeed or in one of your friends (or your) page, click the picture to open it in its own window. Then right click and save image as to open a save as dialog box to give it a name a give it a location to store it on your PC. Remember, the pictures you are taking are not yours to use as you wish. They were taken by someone else, so be careful how you use them and perhaps ask permission to do so from the one whose page it is on.

Getting a picture off the Web using the Windows Snipping ToolIf you see a picture on your screen, you can save it as an image on your PC even if a save as image option is not available. Print Screen (Prnt Scrn on your keyboard) will take a picture of your screen and place it in the Windows clipboard. Paste it wherever you want and save it as an image on your PC. Since it is the entire screen you will want to edit that picture to crop it to get the actual image you want to save.

A better approach is to use the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows. This lets you drag a box around the piece of the screen you want to grab and save it as an image on your PC among other options. A non-Windows approach with many more options are available. One that I use is called Greenshot.

Resizing pictures
If you are using a cell phone for pictures, there is an edit feature built in that will enable you to resize and fix your picture before you even download it to your PC. A simple program I use to resize pictures in called Prish Resizer.

When we take digital pictures the resulting file size for each picture is 1mb or more, sometimes even as large as 4mb--depends on the megapixels of the camera and the complexity of the picture taken. The example I showed in class was a 1.4 mb or 1400 kb image that we resized to an 800x600 image using PrishResaizer to 80kb. Uploads to Facebook and attachments to emails go a lot quicker with a smaller size file.

Emailing pictures from our PC
Simply open your email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast, Embarqmail,etc) and compose a new email. Look for the button or picture of a paperclip to attache a file. Attaching means to send it along with your email giving the recipient the option to download it. Usually a thumbnail picture of the image displays at the bottom of the email. If you have the option (not available on all email types) to insert an inline picture that means the picture will display in the email itself so the recipient will not need to download it to view.

Editing pictures using Windows Live Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery allows you to edit your pictures. You can crop then, fix crooked images, brighten images, and much more. Thanks, Donna for showing us this great program.

Making a movie of your pictures using Photo Story 3
This is another free program that allows you to make an animated movie with sound of your still photos. Easy to use and works great.

I am sure we talked about a lot more, but this is where my recall is tonight..

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Class Summary 10-1-2015

We had a large range of questions today from printer problems to finding music on the internet. Some are finding that their printers are not being found in Windows 10. This usually has to do with the driver not being compatible with the new OS. Locate the website for your printer manufacture and look for the page about drivers for your device. Know what its model number is. Then download the latest driver and install it. This will fix your printer issues. If a driver is not available for your printer because it is just too old, you may have to get a new printer or revert back to your last OS that worked with the printer.

We looked at using as a way to help someone else remotely with their computer issues. May be a way to walk them through using a program or even helping them run the maintenance programs. And remember DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR PC unless you know them. You do not want someone from some foreign country to access all your files on your PC even if they say the are from a legitimate company in America.

Talked about backing up and I discussed what I do. Much of this is expanded on in past classes. I run an image backup program on my PC at least once a month. I plug in an external hard drive to one of my USB ports and it makes a bit for bit image of everything I have on my hard disk drive. I then put that somewhere safe. If my computer crashes (and I hope it never does) I have but to replace or format the hard drive and use the image backup I made to restore back to the date of that last backup. No need to install any software, download any Windows updates, or remember any codes for programs I purchased. Everything comes back just as it was the day I did the image.

That's great except… any files that were added or changed since the last image are gone. What I do is to use a cloud backup service called It is free for the first 2.3 gb of data and allows me to select what files/folders I want backed up. Here is the link to download that software:

Backup in the Cloud; use code GFBU22. Free is 2 gb of data. Use the code and you and I receive the other .3 gb. Thanks!

About three times a day when your PC is on and connected to the Internet, Mozy backs up any new file or changed file to the cloud. It is as simple as that. When the crash occurs, you restore the image and then go to your Mozy account and restore all the changed or added files. This does not restore any programs you may have added or updated since the image, so you may have to download and install those. The more often you do an image the easier it will be to remember what you installed since the image.

Looked a WinDirStat that can be downloaded from as a good program to looked at the size of thte folders and files on your disk. Also used the duplicate file finder program in Glary Utilities to find duplicate pictures on disk so we can remove them.

Talked about how to change the default starting page in a browser to be what we want to see and not what our Internet service wants us to view. Click the settings button in the upper right and look for Settings. In IE click Internet Options and you can tell it what website or sites you want to open when the browser starts. In Chrome and Firefox you will find a place to change the website address for when the browser opens.


There were many other things discussed, but this is what I remember. See you next week for a whole new set of questions. And remember, you can email me questions any time at