Thursday, October 29, 2015

Class Summary 10-29-2015

Thanks, Paul for the solution to my question about how you find the programs in the Windows 10 Start Menu:

When you were trying to get a look at Programs in the Win10 start menu today, did you have an option that says “all Apps”? When you click on that button, all the programs, apps…… show up in an alphabetical listing.

I still like the way ClassicShell renders them…

We began with some general Facebook questions about security and how to make your posts available to friend, public, or self. Friends are those you have accepted a friend request from.

We took a look at how to print a document in booklet form in Word. On the Layout ribbon, locate the diagonal arrow in the lower right of the Page Setup group and click it. This opens the Page Setup dialog box. Under Pages pull down the list for Multiple pages and select Book Fold, then click OK. Your document will be reformatted to fit a half size piece of paper and when printed it will create a booklet.
We looked at how to access clipart in Office 2013 and 2016 as clip art does not install with the product as is did in previous version of Office. Also used the long link to that solution to demonstrate using to shorten it to give to someone else.
Good article on using windows key shortcuts in Windows 10, but many work with previous versions of Windows as well.
This article suggests a few changes to the settings in Windows 10 right away. Most of them I have used on previous versions of Windows as well.
A new way to take screenshots in Windows 10 is to hold down the Windows key and then tap Prtscr. This takes a snapshot of the screen and places it as an image file (png format) in the screenshot folder in documents. Just pressing Prtscr places the image in the clipboard only. We have also looked at other screen print options such as the Snipping Tools, Greenshot, and MWSnap.
A good article on installing ClassicShell which works great on Window 10 and 8 and even 7.
Article shows you how to create your own keyboard shortcuts to open your favorite programs from the keyboard

Lastly we looked at how to show the bookmark (favorites) bar at the top of the browser under the address bar. In all four main browsers (Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome), this is done under settings and usually has an option like “Show bookmark bar”. In Chome Ctrl+Shift+B will toggle it on and off.

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