Friday, March 17, 2017

Class Summary 3-16-2017

The local Library has a new 3D printer! So if you are looking to see how one works, check out future classes there. We have come a long way from dot matrix printers of the 1980’s.

New video on Kodi (Thanks Ian). This is a well done how to video on YouTube for installing a different build of Kodi than the one we have been using.

Another one with how to get live TV. This one shows us how to get into live TV from all over the world. And although this is an interesting build, we can see most to what we want in the IPtV menu of our current build,

Voter Records from all over the country can be found on this site. Just type in your name and see what it says about you.

County Records for Charlotte County Florida can also be viewed online. A simple record search of just your last name or just your street name works best.

This article explains how to set Facebook Comments & Likes by Others so not everyone can. You decide who can do what on your posts. Good explanations off this page to other security issues.

Wondering how to stop all those email notifications from Facebook? On the top row, click the down arrow way to the right. This will pull down a list of options. Choose Settings > Notifications > Email and turn off all but important ones.

My Start Menu is free from all the items Windows 10 came with. To remove an item, right-click on it and choose Unpin from Start. On that same option list you have the ability to resize. Notice I made all mine small. I can tell what they are by the image and by hovering over it with my mouse to see a popup of its name.

Printing the Screen
When you need to capture a screenshot that contains a pull down menu, the Snipping Tool does not work. It allows you to capture a piece of the screen, but the pull down you wanted to get goes away. Instead use Win+PrtScr. This captures the entire screen as it appears and places the image in your Pictures folder in a subfolder called Screenshots. Open that image and then use the Snipping Tool to grab just the portion you need.

Now I use an old standby called MWsnap. This allow me to press a hotkey (Ctrl+SHift+A) and draw a box around the portion of the screen I need including the pull downs. The resulting image is placed in the clipboard for me to paste were I need it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Class Summary 3-9-2017

Kodi tutorials and more for those of you attempting to install Kodi on your PC or Firestick

Post Card Blank template for MS Word. When you click the link the doc file will download. Open it in MS Word or even Libreoffice. Card Blank.doc

Some shortcuts to use in Excel to create Quick Charts and more

Capture and share images and video with Jing

A couple of Apple Mac notes. The mouse only has one button; no left and right like on a PC. Click it is like a left click. To get the right-click, hold Ctrl down while you click the mouse. Also, if you forget your password to get on, you can reset it on boot by holding down the Command key and the R key while pressing the power on button. is a great site to convert a PDF into a word document so you can edit it. Will only work with a file that has been saved as a PDF; not for a scanned file. The scanner will create an image.

What about being able to fill out a form that is in an image format (you scanned it in)? Open a new MS Word document and insert it as a custom watermark. Then you can type anywhere over the image to fill in the blanks.

How do I send a folder of pictures to my Google Photo Cloud? First open and create an album with 1 picture. Name the album the same name as the folder of pictures you want to place in the album. Remove the 1 picture so the album is empty. With the empty album open, drag the folder into the album. All the pictures will be uploaded to photos and be placed into the folder.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Class Summary 3-2-2017

Demonstrated a loud bluetooth speaker. It was the S5 Zealot. It is easy to pair up with a cell phone.

Polaroid 360° Motorized Rotating HDTV Amplified Antenna with Remote. An inexpensive rotatable TV antenna you can put in your attic.

New Lenovo $199 Windows 10 laptop/tablet. A low end but lightweight and useful laptop.

Explorer++ is a free multi-tab file manager that features the same familiar interface as Windows Explorer, while introducing several enhancements and improvements for a much richer file browsing experience.

Email Checker is a simple tool for verifying an email address. The free version allows you to check up tp 5 address per day.

Printing Postcards
Or you can use a template right in MS Word.

Sneak Peeks, Advanced Access, and Special Giveaways at Free ebooks for Kindle and other book readers delivered daily to your email.

Walmart savings catcher is an app for your cell phone that allows you to scan in your receipts. Once scanned, Walmart views all the local ads to see if you could have gotten each item cheaper elsewhere. If so, they give you the difference in a store credit.

Sam’s Club Scan and Go is available on Android or on your iPhone. It lets you scan the items as you place them in your basket. When you are done, click Pay and you get to avoid all the lines and walk right out.

Efax lets you receive and send a fax from your PC. Free up to 10 per month received. 30 day trial on the sending.

CamScanner is a great way to scan documents to your cell phone, edit them, and save them as PDFs or even editable documents.

Searching on the class blog is easy when you use the site parameter in your browser. Let’s say you want to look for the summaries that talk about using LibreOffice. If you just type LibreOffice into your browser, you will get thousands of results and probably nothing about the class summaries on the first few pages. Instead type the following:


You are telling your browser that you want to search for LibreOffice, but only on pages contained in the site named

Auto Forward emails when you have multiple email addresses. For example, I have my comcast email set to forward all emails to my Yahoo account. I do that by opening my comcast email page and setting the auto forward address to my yahoo address. All email servers allow you to do this.

To post email content on Facebook, simply select what you want to post on Facebook in the email and Copy it to the clipboard. Then go to Facebook and paste it into your post.

Use Blogger to create a free website or for an easy to build low cost one.

Saving LibreOffice Documents by Default in Microsoft Office Formats

Choose Tools > Options > Load/Save > General.

In the Default file format and ODF settings area, first select a document type, then select the file type for saving. I suggest setting it for Microsoft Word 2007-2010 which will use the docx format,