Thursday, March 9, 2017

Class Summary 3-9-2017

Kodi tutorials and more for those of you attempting to install Kodi on your PC or Firestick

Post Card Blank template for MS Word. When you click the link the doc file will download. Open it in MS Word or even Libreoffice. Card Blank.doc

Some shortcuts to use in Excel to create Quick Charts and more

Capture and share images and video with Jing

A couple of Apple Mac notes. The mouse only has one button; no left and right like on a PC. Click it is like a left click. To get the right-click, hold Ctrl down while you click the mouse. Also, if you forget your password to get on, you can reset it on boot by holding down the Command key and the R key while pressing the power on button. is a great site to convert a PDF into a word document so you can edit it. Will only work with a file that has been saved as a PDF; not for a scanned file. The scanner will create an image.

What about being able to fill out a form that is in an image format (you scanned it in)? Open a new MS Word document and insert it as a custom watermark. Then you can type anywhere over the image to fill in the blanks.

How do I send a folder of pictures to my Google Photo Cloud? First open and create an album with 1 picture. Name the album the same name as the folder of pictures you want to place in the album. Remove the 1 picture so the album is empty. With the empty album open, drag the folder into the album. All the pictures will be uploaded to photos and be placed into the folder.

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