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Computer Class Notes 1-21-2021

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Why PayPal
Even I did use "Pay Pal" before and it did work for me, but please can you tell us the benefit of using Pay Pal vs. your own bank account (or charge card) for payment? And what the proper procedure is to operate Pay Pal correctly, whether it is receiving payment or making a payment. I do have an account with "app Pay Pal" but no Pay Pal Bank account with $ in it as such.

PayPal guarantees you are satisfied or you will get the product. You can set up two-factor authorization--2FA.

Mouse Pointer Options
Win+I > Devices > Mouse > Additional mouse options

In the Pointers tab, click Use Default, then click Apply

Recent Scams
We looked at a number of scams that have come over my email in the past weeks.

Be careful about any emails that want to help you with your computer, ask for information about you, or want to confirm your information. “Dear Customer” or “Dear Sir” are both good indications of a scam. Your accounts know your name.

NEVER allow someone to sign in to your computer unless you initiated it. They are NOT from Microsoft. Hang up and call the company the person said they are representing.

If you have messages appearing on your screen telling you to call this number because your computer has a problem, DON’T. You have malware and might need help fixing it. DO NOT call and let them fix it for you.

Windows 10 Hidden Video Editor
Windows 10 has a hidden video editor that works a bit like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. You can use it to trim videos or create your own home movies and slideshows. You can even have it create videos automatically.

This is a great app to clean up those home movies you take with your cell phone.

Create a Word Cloud in Microsoft PowerPoint
Adding a word cloud to your slideshow helps communicate what’s really important about the presentation by making certain keywords stand out. There’s no built-in tool in Microsoft PowerPoint for creating a word cloud, but it can still be done. Here’s how.

Word Clouds
A wordle (also known as a word cloud and tag cloud) is a visual representation of words, where the size of each word is proportional to the number of times it appears.

Computer Should Be a Mac
You can do incredible things with your iPhone, but you could do so much more with an iPhone and a Mac. Pairing Apple’s excellent devices give you the power to call or text from your desktop, transfer files without annoying cables, and automatically sync credit card or login information. If you’re an iPhone user looking for a new computer, it’s time to skip the Windows machine and buy a Mac or MacBook.

I am not recommending making the switch. I just thought it a good article and food for thought.

Englewood Area Macintosh Users Group
EAMUG was formed in 1993 and is located in beautiful Southwest Florida, nestled between Venice and Punta Gorda, Florida. The members contribute to the organization which is rich in basic as well as advanced computer techniques.

This might be a good source for some of those “Apple” questions. We do have people in the club that are familiar with some devices but most of us are Windows people.

Slow Computer Book
You may have received a copy of my ebook 10 Reasons Your Computer is Slow as a bonus for subscribing to this newsletter. I recently updated it, and have added it to my store. I've put a price on it ($9.97) but for the time being, I'm giving it away. Merry Christmas? You don't have to go through the store if you don't want to, here's the direct download. (Just right-click and "Save As...".)

I have not read through this entire document but thought it might give some food for thought and perhaps bring up some questions for another class. Check it out and let me know what you pick up that was helpful.

Facebook Mimes
You have found a mime either on another’s page or on the internet and you want to post it to someone else's page, to their phone as a text message, or an email.

Use Win+Shift+S to draw a box around the mime. That places what you selected into your clipboard. Just go to where you want to palace it and right-click > paste or Ctrl+V to insert it.

iPhone Display Zoom

           Standard                   Zoomed

For larger onscreen controls on an iPhone, go to:

Settings > Display & Brightness

Scroll to the bottom and tap View

Choose Zoomed

Then in the upper right tap Set

iPhone Texting GIFs

Just above the keyboard tap the red icon to view a list of available GIFs or to search for one

Friday, January 15, 2021

Computer Class Notes 1-14-2021

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Reveal Link   
When there is a link on a page and you place your mouse over it, it opens info about the link. Sometimes so large that you really can’t see what you want without opening the link. Is there a way to have that info not open?

Yes, right-click on the link and "Copy link address". That puts it in the clipboard and then you can paste it somewhere you can read it all... like notepad

Also when you mouse over a link a message might popup that explains what the link is all about. As far as I know, you cannot turn this feature off.

Printing The Screen
Is there a Windows 10 screen capture tool that then allows you to print the screen? How do you print the screen?

The Snipping Tool will allow you to take a picture of the entire screen, the windows on top, or get to draw a box around what you want to save. You can also arrive at the same place using Win+Shift+S.

Windows+PrtScrn will save an image of the screen(s) in a file in the Screenshots folder in the Picture folder.

I know you talked about chargers some time ago but now I could use your recommendation for charging my 10" Android tablet that I use for painting (photos)?

An Android tablet uses the same kind of charger as an android cell phone. An iPhone or other Apple device uses a different one. The higher the number (amps) the charger has the faster the charge. Most USB charging points, like in your vehicle or attached to new wall outlets are 2.0. Older cell phone charges were like .5 or .7 and will still work, just slowly.

My Malwarebytes expired, do I give my email address for a new 14-day free trial? Is the SUPERAntiSpyware the same as Malwarebytes? They keep popping up.

No, they are different, each searching out different types of issues that can slow down you computer.

When you see suggestions to upgrade, don’t. Use Ninite or PatchMyPC to do the upgrades for you. If you accept the suggestion and let the program upgrade itself, you will have to get around the “buy me” links and make sure you do not allow other software to be installed at the same time. Ninite and PatchMyPC will not do that.

F11 For More Real Estate
When on a website, press F11, the address bar, tabs, and shortcut bar are hidden giving you more room on the screen for what you are displaying. It is a toggle, press it again and they are put back.

Print Friendly
This is an extension for Chrome that allows you to easily print an entire web page. It adds a right-click option to use it.

Enable Startup Sound on Your Chromebook
Computers traditionally have had a startup sound that plays as soon as they are up and running. Chromebooks don’t have this out of the box, but if you miss that nostalgic touch of a startup chime, you can manually enable it from the settings.

Your Windows Taskbar Should Always Be on the Left Side
Windows has featured a taskbar at the bottom of the screen since the beginning. That position made sense back in the day, but on modern computers, it doesn’t. I’m here to tell you the taskbar should be on the left.

Google Has a Bunch of Free Games
There are plenty of little hidden easter eggs in the Google search engine. From barrels rolls to performing the Cha-Cha Slide, you can have a lot of fun typing certain phrases into the search bar. However, we want to give a special highlight to the full-on games Google’s snuck away here.

How Do Cookies Work
Cookies aren’t as evil as most stories — and some security tools — might have you believe. A cookie is nothing more than some information a website saves on your computer. The next time you visit that site, your browser then sends it back to that same website. Seriously. That’s it. That’s all. That’s a cookie.

Windows 10’s Built-in Screen Capture Tool
Windows 10 can record a video of your screen without any third-party software. Here’s how to find and use Windows 10’s easy-to-use Capture utility to record your display.

Lookup For An Address Or Phone Number

This one worked well and gave us both the phone numbers and addresses without having to pay a fee.

This one was easy and instant and no charge.

This one was a long process ending in a report you have to pay for.

Be sure to check out the following Art Shoes. Rosemary has her painting on the front page of the Winners Circle and has artwork in the current show at the Visual Art Center in Punta Gorda

Dick will be teaching at Florida Gulf Coast University Academy

Beginning with the following online with Zoom class in January he will teach a total of 8 classes this semester, 2 per month. For more information and to register for the class see

Publishing Your Memoirs $25 / $30
January 25, at 11 am – 12:30 pm, Monday
Speaker: Richard Evans

In this class, we will look at putting together a family history to pass on to others. You will learn ways to organize a document as well as pictures. We will also discuss ways to distribute the results using the cloud, flash drives, DVDs, and a published book.

View the latest Program Guide for a list of available courses at

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Computer Class Notes 1-7-2021

Birthday Calendar
Import friend’s birthdays from Facebook to your favorite calendar. The generated calendar file can be saved in the CSV` format. The resulting file will open in a spreadsheet program and show the name and the month/day birthdate of ALL your friends.

You’re Being Warned About Windows 10 End of Service
Windows 10 warns when it's coming to "end of service", but what does that mean if Windows 10 is always being updated?

To see what version of Window 10 you are using:

Win+R, type WINVER and press the Enter key

If you are running 20H2 you are current. 2004 is fine but you should upgrade to the latest soon. 1909 or earlier may work but you are missing a number of important updates.

Convert Black & White Pictures to Full Color
Click the "Upload Photo" button, choose a file then wait for it to upload and process. Be patient and wait for your image to process. Once done you may click the circle with arrows to see the difference between the color and grayscale images. To download your converted photo, right-click the color image and click "save image as."

Works well and is easy to use. Open the webpage, click to Upload your picture, then download the colorized result.

30 Essential Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10
The Windows key made its first appearance in 1994, and it’s still an essential tool for Windows 10 power users. Here are the most important Windows key keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 you should know about.

There was a number I was not familiar with. We tried them all out. The best was Win+H. In any program, you can press it to activate the speech to text feature and dictate into the program.

Get an On-Screen Windows Key Shortcut Guide on Windows 10
Windows 10 features a rich collection of Windows key shortcuts that can make using a PC speedy fast—if you remember them. Luckily, thanks to PowerToys, you can quickly see a convenient pop-up guide to many of the most useful ones. Here’s how to use it.

Last week we discovered that the checkbox is missing from the User Accounts dialog box. To get to that dialog box we would

Win+R and type NETPLWIZ, then click OK. This video shows how to fix that.

Dick will be teaching at Florida Gulf Coast University Academy
Beginning with the following online with Zoom class in January he will teach a total of 8 classes this semester, 2 per month. For more information and to register for the class see

Publishing Your Memoirs $25 / $30
January 25, at 11 am – 12:30 pm, Monday
Speaker: Richard Evans
In this class, we will look at putting together a family history to pass on to others. You will learn ways to organize a document as well as pictures. We will also discuss ways to distribute the results using the cloud, flash drives, DVDs, and a published book.

View the latest Program Guide for a list of available courses at

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Computer Class Notes 12-31-2020

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Direct link to the current “Bytes”

Open and read the current schedule regarding the “move”

EaseUS reminds me when I need to Backup
Often EaseUS tells me there is New Version Available. Is it advisable to download the New Version EaseUS and make a New Rescue Disk or Flash Drive every time a New Version EaseUS is Available?

It is a good idea to stay current with the latest version. However, the current version you have been using is not broken so you can still rely on it. As far as the Emergency Disk, the one yu created last will still work with the new version and if you create a new one, it will still be able to restore from an older version backup set.

Create a QR Code to Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Password
Typing in your Wi-Fi details on new smartphones and tablets (and on your guests’ phones) can be a total hassle, especially if you have a long complex password. Make life a little simpler for yourself by turning your Wi-Fi password into a handy Wi-Fi QR code, so that anyone can log into your wireless network without bugging you.

Microsoft Word Can Now Automatically Transcribe Your Conversations

If you've ever needed to transcribe a long conversation or interview, you'll know how mind-numbing the task can get after just a few minutes. Fortunately, you can now make Word do all the hard work for you with its new transcription feature.

This only works with the latest Office 365, not with older versions. However, the older version of Word, as well as Google Docs, allows you to speak into your computer, provided you have a microphone and have the program type it out for you. If you have an external microphone on your computer, not the built-in one on a laptop, you can place the microphone in front of the speakers and the speech to text capability of your word processor will transcribe for you.

Use Google Forms
If you’ve ever tried to make an online survey before, you’ve probably used a few web-based tools like SurveyMonkey and SurveyLegend. However, there’s another awesome tool out there that we think you should use, and that free tool is Google Forms.

Create your own surveys, polls, or even invitations easily and freely using Google Forms. You create the form and email it to your group. They receive it and when they complete it the responses are recorded for you to see.

Why Windows Gets Unresponsive
It’s no fun when your computer becomes unresponsive. Even if you don’t lose work because of it, hanging programs or a total system freeze can slow your productivity to a crawl. PC problems that don’t manifest through a blue screen or other random shutdowns usually result in an unresponsive Windows 10 system.

Search Everything
Locate files and folders by name instantly. Everything. Small installation file. Clean and simple user interface. Quick file indexing. Quick searching. The ambiguously named Everything is a piece of Windows PC software that bypasses Windows search with a lightning-quick interface and real-time results for all of the files and folders in your local storage device or any subsection of it.

How To Make A TinyURL
Locate the webpage you want to create a short URL to access it.
Ctrl+L to jump to the address bar with the URL highlighted
Ctrl+C to copy the selected URL
In a new tab, open

Click in the box under “Enter a long…” then Ctrl+V to paste the URL
Click “Make TinyURL!”

Click “Copy to clipboard” and the TinyURL will be placed on the clipboard to paste into an email or elsewhere.

Note: If you place the word Preview. In front of, the person who clicks the link will see the full URL they are being taken to before they commit.

What Is A Ribbon?
When Microsoft introduced Office 2007 they introduced the world to ribbons. Previous versions of Office used pulldown menus or a list of things to access within the program. This has been the approach everyone else used as well, even today. Click on “File” and list of items dropped down--Open, Save, SaveAs, Print, Exit…

A ribbon is a collection of those same items but displayed as icons in groups left to right. No more pulldowns. You can see an example of this even in the Windows 10 File Manager.

Then Home ribbon displays icons within groups. Click the icon to perform the task desired. In this example, the text document is selected and in the Open group, I can check the properties, open it in Notepad, etc.

Ribbons are a more visual way to access the tools that used to be available only in the dropdown lists.

Sharing A Dropbox File

Open Dropbox and locate the file you want to share.

Click “Share”

Click “Copy link” and then paste that URL into an email or document you send to others. Shorten it using TinyURL if you wish.

How Do I Flip A Video?
Have you ever taken a movie on your phone and have it upside down or sideways? Well, this video will show you how to use an app built into Windows 10 to straighten it out.