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Computer Class Notes 7-14-2021

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A Good Video on Passwords

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Got any old video games hanging around?

How to Manage and Free up Google Photos Storage Space
Google Photos doesn’t offer free unlimited storage, which means you may find yourself running out of space. Thankfully, Google has some easy-to-use tools to help you maximize the storage space you have—free or otherwise. Here’s how to identify image types and clear your Photos storage.

How to Find and Delete Large Files across Google Drive, Photos, and Gmail
If you’re running out of free space on your Google account, you can easily find and delete the largest documents in your Google Drive, Gmail, or Photos accounts.

Have an Amazon device? 
Take action now or you may be sharing your internet with neighbors. If you have an Amazon device in your home like an Echo, Alexa, or Ring doorbell or floodlight camera, Amazon wants to create a shared wireless network by using your internet. If you don't take action, Amazon is about to share your internet with your neighbors. It's called Amazon Sidewalk, and the company says it's supposed to help devices work better.

What Is Amazon Sidewalk, and Should You Disable It?
On June 8, 2021, most Amazon smart home devices—as well as certain other connected gadgets—will become part of a nationwide network called Sidewalk. Here’s what you need to know, and how to opt out if you choose to.

Amazon may be sharing your Internet connection with neighbors
ere’s how to turn it off. You have no control over what sort of data flows over Amazon’s new Sidewalk wireless network, which has been lying dormant in Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras ... until now

How to Back Up Photos and Never Lose Them Again
Everyone with a smartphone has a camera, and they’re using ’em right and left to snap photos and shoot videos. Add in digital cameras from inexpensive to professional, and there is a lot of digital media being created every day. Much of it isn’t getting backed up. The goal? Multiple copies of your photos and videos in multiple places. If it’s in only one place, it’s not backed up.

How to Create a Strong Password
Need to create a secure password that hackers can't guess? Use a passphrase! Make an easy to remember, yet hard to crack, password with our tips.

And let’s remember the Secret Word approach to passwords

What Is a Hamburger Menu Button?
Hamburger Menu—or Hamburger Icon—is a term commonly used when talking about apps. It might make you hungry, but it has nothing to do with food. Where did this silly name come from, and what does the menu do?

How Secure Is My Password?
The #1 Password Strength Tool. Trusted and used by millions.

External Hard Disk for Backups
An external hard drive is nothing more than its name suggests a hard drive that exists externally of your computer. You connect it to your desktop or laptop using a USB connection. Many don’t even require an additional power connection. Just attach it, and you’ve got lots and lots of storage available. Nothing to sign up for, no accounts to create; it’s almost the literal definition of “plug and play”.

WiseCleaner Checkit
Checkit helps you to check whether your current PC meets the minimum requirements, such as Processor, Memory, Storage, UEFI, TPM 2.0, etc.
You can download a copy of this portable application and quickly determine where your computer stands in the Windows 11 arena.

The download comes as a zip file. Unzip it and then open Checkit.exe.

How To Get Tiny URL Shortcut in The Bookmark Bar
Click to open the old site from the Wayback site. This gives the link to create the shortcut that no longer appears on

Follow the instructions and you will have a shortcut on your Bookmark Bar

THEN make the following correction
  1. Right-click on the shortcut it created.
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click in the URL box
  4. Ctrl+A
  5. Backspace to clear the box
  6. Now copy the following line into that box

Then click Save

Microsoft puts PCs in the cloud with Windows 365
Microsoft is putting Windows in the cloud. Windows 365 is a new service that will let businesses access Cloud PCs from anywhere, streaming a version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 in a web browser. While virtualization and remote access to PCs has existed for more than a decade, Microsoft is betting on Windows 365 to offer Cloud PCs to businesses just as they shift toward a mix of office and remote work.

Microsoft has inadvertently revealed one pricing option, allowing businesses to use a virtual Windows PC in the cloud for $31 per user, per month.

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