Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Deal on 1TB External Drive

Just got this in my email and thought some of you might be interested. Tiger Direct has a 1 terabyte external hard drive for $59. Great price! This is just what you need to do image backups of your computer. Take a look at:

CCleaner Video

Nice info video about CCleaner. Check it out at

I use CCleaner to keep my computer running fast and the other free applications you can download as well:

  • Defraggler (defrag the hard drive)
  • Recuva (recover deleted files)
  • Speccy (display the specs for your computer)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spreadsheet Basics

Spreadsheet Basics Class Thursday 8-1-2013 2pm

No experience necessary. And you do not need to be a math wiz or an accountant. Find out why a spreadsheet could be useful to you. No need to have Excel on your computer. There are a number free options to obtaining the software needed to take advantage of spreadsheets.

Much like a word processor a spreadsheet allows you to digitize what was once manual. And you can not only enter the data, you can easily analyze it and use the features of the app to perform calculations automatically.

 Plan on coming; it will be fun. And bring your questions about anything. We will use the second hour to cover your individual topics. Having a problem on your machine, bring it with you so we can see the issue you are having live.

Free Online Backup

There is a new player in the online backup arena. IDrive.

Give them a try today. Takes about 5 minutes to sign up. Nothing to lose and your data in a safe place to gain. Here is the link:

Steps to Scanning

I have been asked how I use my printer to scan a document and save it on my computer. My printer is an HP­ Deskjet 1050. It is a low end inkjet printer with a flatbed scanner.

It is very useful as a copy machine. You simply place the document you want copied on the class of the scanner and press either the black or color button to print a B&W or Color copy of the document. Want 3 copies? Press the button three times. It is that easy.

Scanning to the computer is a little different. You place the document on the scanner the same way you did to make a copy. But all the commands to scan are done at the computer and not at the printer. You need to have the HP Printer Assistant installed on your computer. This should have come from the CD that came with the printer. If you do not have the CD, you can locate the program for your printer on the HP site.

click to read the entire white paper...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ebay Class Notes

The notes are posted on the class notes page. See the link above.

In addition we talked about a number of other side topics. This is what I remember:

Watching out for email scams.
I showed a number of examples of emails that are possible scam. Ones you do not want to open. Basic rule of thumb is if you do  not know the recipient, do not open the email. Set your email to not open images automatically so you avoid getting embedded malware from people unless you know them. Also, emails from those you know that just have links to strange site are probably the result of their email being hacked. DO NOT take the link. Never give out your email usernames and password to anyone online. They are just phishing for it to hack your emails and get your contact list. I also avoid looking the videos and attached files people send me unless it is a YouTube video or a document I am expecting. Also if you get a suspect email from a friend, do not take any links but also do not report it as spam or you will be telling your email provider to consider email from your friend as spam!

We also talked about resizing pictures.
I suggest the application called Prish Resizer and suggested you use a site called as a safe place to download from. Once you have installed it you can right-click on any picture or group of pictures and select Prisher Resizer to resize them to any desired size. Also talked about using rename in Windows to rename a group of pictures giving them all the same name with a sequential number added. Makes it easy to locate pictures later.

Use this link to sign up for drop box This will give you an account. If you download the software to your computer you will also get a dropbox folder on your machine. It will be kept in sinc with your cloud storage on What ever you drag into or save to the folder will be automatically saved to your dropbox in the cloud. Download the dropbox app on your smartphone and when you take pictures they will be automatically uploaded to your dropbox.

Looking for ideas for next weeks class. Leave them as comments below as will has any comments or questions about the class.

Ebay Listing Created in Class

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Class Thursday 7-25-2013

Presentation will be on eBay, buying and selling.

Will also talk about email scams and show some examples and what I do to avoid getting trapped.

2:00p-3:00p Topic Presentation
3:00p-4:00p Open Forum.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Using eBay 7-25-2013

One of our members asked about using eBay. I touched on this topic over a year ago so now is a good time to re-visit it. So this coming Thursday that will be the main topic. I will also touch on the speech recognition topic someone asked about. Join us for a couple of tech hours of fun.

Here is what to expect: 
eBay is a great place for finding bargains, but it is also a good way to pick up some extra cash by selling some of those items that have been hanging around the house for years. Learn how to post an item, how to receive payment safely, and how to ship your items.