Sunday, July 28, 2013

Steps to Scanning

I have been asked how I use my printer to scan a document and save it on my computer. My printer is an HP­ Deskjet 1050. It is a low end inkjet printer with a flatbed scanner.

It is very useful as a copy machine. You simply place the document you want copied on the class of the scanner and press either the black or color button to print a B&W or Color copy of the document. Want 3 copies? Press the button three times. It is that easy.

Scanning to the computer is a little different. You place the document on the scanner the same way you did to make a copy. But all the commands to scan are done at the computer and not at the printer. You need to have the HP Printer Assistant installed on your computer. This should have come from the CD that came with the printer. If you do not have the CD, you can locate the program for your printer on the HP site.

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