Friday, February 27, 2015

Class Summary 2-26-2015

Began a series on Basic Computing. Got through the first four topics today. Will continue next week with number five. The handout is complete so you can download it and see what will be covered next week.

Answered a number of questions and talked about my getting a $10 set of rabbit ears for my TV. It found 17 channels of the air including ABC, CBS, NBC and a local News/Weather channel. Who meed Cable? I got my Roku box, Netflix, and local TV all for the price of an Internet connection.

Showed a video of some of the things that happened on my mission trip to South Africa. Here is that video if you are curious. It was a great time.

Also talked about which is a nice online notepad app. Great for when you copy and paste from the Web. Paste to notepad and all formatting including pictures are dropped off. Now you have pure text to copy and paste elsewhere. like into an email.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Class Summary 2-5-2015

Started looking at ways to watch TV for free. Good if you do not have cable or dish TV. The suggested site was and it gives you access to recent and old TV shows as well as a  bunch of movies. Watch right on your PC. I did a Google search and there are many sites out there that offer a similar service. is one that I checked out. Might be worth trying them out.

Then the question came later about how to project that PC screen onto your TV. Simplest way is to connect them using a wire. If you have a fairly new laptop it probably has an HDMI port. Purchase and HDMI to HDMI cable and set your TV's input to HDMI 1 2 or 3. Plug one end into the appropriate port and the other in your PC. Now what you see on your TV is the same as on your PC. The sound will also come out of your TV.

Want to connect using your WiFi? Purchase Chromecast and it will project whatever is on your PC to your TV set with no wires to get in the way.

The main talk was on selling on eBay. We took a look at how easy it is to sell something on eBay. Learned how to post an item, how to receive payment safely, and how to ship your items.The handout will explain most of it. See the Class Notes link above.
REMEMBER: No class for the next two weeks.