Saturday, January 30, 2021

Computer Class Notes 1-28-2021

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When listing something On the Facebook marketplace, how do you place a tag with the price on each item? I believe you can only have a price on the single image you post.

teach us about the "paint program" in windows 10, I did some stuff with it, I think it is a very nice program if someone knows how to use it properly, I took a picture did some decor writing on it, could be used for a B-card or other personalized stuff but it looked like for me it was always a few second moving videos, how does someone get a still picture with some writing or drawing on it and send it on via e-mail or maybe you know of some additional tricks you could teach us about the paint program in Windows 10?

Friday, January 22, 2021

Computer Class Notes 1-21-2021

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Why PayPal
Even I did use "Pay Pal" before and it did work for me, but please can you tell us the benefit of using Pay Pal vs. your own bank account (or charge card) for payment? And what the proper procedure is to operate Pay Pal correctly, whether it is receiving payment or making a payment. I do have an account with "app Pay Pal" but no Pay Pal Bank account with $ in it as such.

PayPal guarantees you are satisfied or you will get the product. You can set up two-factor authorization--2FA.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Computer Class Notes 1-14-2021

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Reveal Link   
When there is a link on a page and you place your mouse over it, it opens info about the link. Sometimes so large that you really can’t see what you want without opening the link. Is there a way to have that info not open?

Yes, right-click on the link and "Copy link address". That puts it in the clipboard and then you can paste it somewhere you can read it all... like notepad

Also when you mouse over a link a message might popup that explains what the link is all about. As far as I know, you cannot turn this feature off.

Printing The Screen
Is there a Windows 10 screen capture tool that then allows you to print the screen? How do you print the screen?

The Snipping Tool will allow you to take a picture of the entire screen, the windows on top, or get to draw a box around what you want to save. You can also arrive at the same place using Win+Shift+S.

Windows+PrtScrn will save an image of the screen(s) in a file in the Screenshots folder in the Picture folder.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Computer Class Notes 1-7-2021

Birthday Calendar
Import friend’s birthdays from Facebook to your favorite calendar. The generated calendar file can be saved in the CSV` format. The resulting file will open in a spreadsheet program and show the name and the month/day birthdate of ALL your friends.

You’re Being Warned About Windows 10 End of Service
Windows 10 warns when it's coming to "end of service", but what does that mean if Windows 10 is always being updated?

To see what version of Window 10 you are using:

Win+R, type WINVER and press the Enter key

If you are running 20H2 you are current. 2004 is fine but you should upgrade to the latest soon. 1909 or earlier may work but you are missing a number of important updates.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Computer Class Notes 12-31-2020

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Direct link to the current “Bytes”

Open and read the current schedule regarding the “move”

EaseUS reminds me when I need to Backup
Often EaseUS tells me there is New Version Available. Is it advisable to download the New Version EaseUS and make a New Rescue Disk or Flash Drive every time a New Version EaseUS is Available?

It is a good idea to stay current with the latest version. However, the current version you have been using is not broken so you can still rely on it. As far as the Emergency Disk, the one yu created last will still work with the new version and if you create a new one, it will still be able to restore from an older version backup set.