Monday, December 2, 2019

Computer Club Update 12-2-2019

Another week away and very cold. In the low 30’s this morning. We are visiting friends in Cadiz, KY for a couple of days. Our dog, Lady Evans, is with us. We are about five hours west of our home in Monticello, KY. Even though we see some cooler weather in Port Charlotte, we still envy you and will be happy to return to warmth next week.

Remember the general meeting might tomorrow evening. 6:00 pm for the election of officers and board members. 7:00 pm for the party! Please cast your vote for me as a board member. If I were present I would cast my vote for Grover as president. He has done a great job and I would like to see him continue.

Here are a few of the articles I have been reading you might be interested in. Give some a try and let me know how they work for you. Remember you can find all my articles on Dave’s at

How To Clear Google Chrome Download History
I’m betting that all us have download something from the internet before; a game, software, image or even video. Did you know that your browser saves those downloads in a separate History? Yep, there is a download history page that you might want to take a look at. This is something I clear out on my Google browser all the time.

Note: This history cleaning does occur with CCleaner

The Best Three Antivirus Apps for Windows
Offered pre-installed on all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices, Microsoft’s Windows Defender has remained a top security product, offering nearly the same protection as the leading third-party solutions.

Note: The only one I use is Windows Security (AKA Defender)

AdwCleaner 8.0.0 is out
Malwarebytes released AdwCleaner 8.0.0, a free tool to remove adware and potentially unwanted programs, from Windows devices on November 26, 2019. AdwCleaner 8 supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 officially. The new version can be downloaded from the developer website and run without installation after the download.

Note: I use this in addition to the maintenance trio we use

How to access Advanced Options
If you wanted to access the advanced boot options in Windows 7, all you had to do was press F8 on the keyboard during boot to load the boot menu.

Note: I use Shift+Restart and have written an article on it on Dave’s

How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7
You can upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the in-place upgrade option without losing your files, instead of having to wipe out your device clean. You can perform this task using the Media Creation Tool, which is not only available for Windows 7, but also for devices running Windows 8.1.

Note: If you really like 7, keep it. See my article on Dave’s

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Computer Club Extras 11-27-2019

First I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Sherri and I have been busy here in Monticello Kentucky but I am missing your smiling faces at the classes. We are also missing the warmer weather. LOL

Upgrade From Windows 7
We have been wondering if it was still possible to upgrade Windows 7 to 10 with the latest 1909 version.

I had an opportunity to upgrade a Windows 7 computer to 1909 the other day. The upgrade went great leaving all of their programs, user information etc. intact. I just booted to 7 And logged in with their username and password. I inserted the windows 1909 installation CD and double-clicked on setup. When I got to the point to choose, I chose to upgrade and also clicked on “I don't have a product key”. Since the computer was already activated running Windows 7 when the installation finished Windows 10 automatically activated.

So if you're still running Windows 7 it is still possible to do a full upgrade at no charge to windows 10 1909.

I have been busy writing a number of new articles for DCT. You might want to check them out.

Here are a few new articles I have been reading. Perhaps they may interest you also…

A look at the email forwarding service AnonAddyAnonAddy is an open-source email forwarding service designed to protect an Internet user's email addresses from spam and other unwanted emails. Most Internet users use one or a handful of email addresses on the Internet. They use these to sign-up for services, do their online shopping, communication, and any other activity that requires an email address (and those that don't require an email but allow emails to be added to accounts).

9 Awesome Free Printable Board Games
If you’re on the lookout for a new hobby you’ve probably considered exploring the world of printable board games and printable card games. And it turns out that it’s both easy and free to make your own games.

I needed a way to convert a photo saved in the new HEIC format to JPG. This website did a quick job of the conversion. Check it out as it converts many different formats. It is free for 25 conversion minutes per day and files up to 1 GB in size.

iPhone Storage Full?
How to Create Free Space on iOS. The usual culprits are photos, 4K videos, games, and other digital hoarding habits. You can’t upgrade an iPhone’s storage. That leaves you with three choices—buy a bigger phone, get more cloud storage, or create free space on your iPhone. The first two don’t work if you want to free up space right now. So let’s look at the ways to free up storage space with a bit of iOS jugglery.

7 Uses for a USB Stick You Didn’t Know About
We’ve all used USB sticks to transport files between computers and back up our files, but there are other cool things you can do with a USB stick. You can use one to lock and unlock your computer—just like in the movies. You can also use a USB flash drive to quickly connect to a wireless network on all your PCs, increase your computer’s performance, or even run a web server—directly from the USB stick itself.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Computer Club Update 11-20-2019

We are safely in Monticello, KY and I will be doing a class at the library here on December 4th. Even though we won't have another class at the club until we get back, I thought I would send you some stuff I have collected. I hope you find some of it useful additions to your toolbox.

Please let me know what you tried and how it worked for you.

I have also sent a half dozen articles for Daves Computer Tips, so please check them out as well.

$50 a Month Home Internet With No Data Caps
T-Mobile has announced that it is offering home internet service to certain existing customers around the country for $50 a month with no annual contract and no data caps. As of now, the service is a pilot and by invitation only, but that could change at any time. To get the $50 offer you must sign up for autopay, but the wireless giant promises that there are no hidden fees and no hardware costs. T-Mobile says it expects download speeds to be around 50 Mbps.

Brave Browser 1.0
The new and first final version of the Chromium-based web browser -- the same core that Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and the new Microsoft Edge browser, as well as hundreds of other browsers, use -- can now be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and the mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1909
Microsoft published a blog post on the official Windows Experience blog in which Windows Servicing and Delivery Director of Program Management John Cable explained how customers get the update. The explanation suggests that system administrators may run a manual search for updates on devices so that the new version of Windows 10 is returned.

Increase Your Hard Drive Performance on Windows
You can speed up a hard disk using HDD optimization apps; a few different tools are available. In this article, we’re going to look at which utilities can improve the speed and efficiency of a hard disk. Keep reading to learn more.

6 Google Tricks When You Have No Idea What to Search For
Despite spending millions of dollars on fancy algorithms, Google Search can sometimes be a fickle beast. You know that the information you’re looking for is out there, but no matter what search terms you enter, you can’t find a suitable result.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 11-12-2019

Good class yesterday and the last one for 2019. Holidays coming and Sherri and I will be away for Thanksgiving. Then the last two Tuesdays are the day before Christmas and New Years--Cultural Center closes at 2. Then the next Tuesday is the General Meeting for January! So our next class will be on January 14th.

Speaking of the General Meeting, December 3rd is the date. It will be our annual Christmas get together. Bring a dish! And it is the election of officers. Please cast your vote for me, Dick Evans, as a Director again. AND please cast your vote for our President, Grover Mudd. He has done a fabulous job as President and I would like to see him continue. THANKS!

Here are the notes from class as I remember them:

PRINTER TIPNever turn off your inkjet printer. When you do the ink in the printhead is drained to a spittoon so it does not remain on the print head. When you turn your printer back on, fresh ink goes from the cartridges to the print head.

SHUTDOWN TIPWhen faced with weird system problems that may be caused by a buggy driver or other low-level software issues, the problem might persist after shutting down your PC and booting it back up. This is because clicking “Shut Down” on your Windows 10 PC, Windows doesn’t fully shut down. It hibernates the kernel, saving its state so it can boot faster. If you’re experiencing computer problems and need to reset that state, you’ll need to restart your PC instead.

You can also perform a full shut down by pressing and holding the Shift key on your keyboard while you click the “Shut Down” option in Windows. This works whether you’re clicking the option in the Start menu, on the sign-in screen, or on the screen that appears after you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

By the way, If your PC can successfully get to the Windows login screen when you start it up the easiest way to get to the recovery environment is to hold down the Shift key while clicking Restart (either right on the sign-in screen or from the Start menu if you successfully logged in).

Chrome DistillerOne feature in Chrome I did not know about is the distiller or reader feature which will open the page you are viewing in a new tab without all the added graphics and fonts. Here is how to find it.

You turn it on by clicking the menu, then toggle the feature on or off while you are on the page to be distilled. Distilling removes most of the graphics on the page leaving text and some images.

If the feature toggle does not appear, do the following:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Copy and paste the link below into the address bar of Chrome, and press Enter. chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode

3. Select Enabled or Disabled (default) for what you want in the Enable Reader Mode flag drop-down menu.

4. Click/tap on the RELAUNCH NOW button at the bottom to apply.

Desktop Shortcuts for WebsiteSee is a website that shows the current prices of gas everywhere in the country. Enter your zip code and it lists the prices for the closest stations. Use it on your smartphone and it knows your location. Just tap the picture of the pump in the middle of the screen and it takes you to the stations near where you are located. Great while on the road to find the stations coming up soon on the highway and how much their gas is.

Live TVHere are the links to the websites providing free TV for TV and live sports for hundreds of stations in a TV guide format TV for US Military and US citizens abroad

DochubDocHub is an online PDF annotator and document signing platform. DocHub lets users add text, draw, add signatures and make document templates. DocHub can integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail and Box accounts.

Email STRIPPER is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails. I have been using it for years. You copy the text out of an email and paste it into emailstripper. Click Strip it!. All the junk is removed and it is ready to click Paste to copy it to the clipboard and then paste the cleaned text into the email you want to send. Also, remember to get rid of the list of other people's email addresses so you do not include them in yours.

Free Online CoursesLook at KHAN Academy. It is a full-fledged online school. And it is free. Just sign up and start learning. Tons of subjects.

How to Perform a Reverse Image SearchReverse image search lets you search the web for an image rather than a word or phrase. It’s primarily used to find the original source or perhaps a larger copy of an image, but it has lots of other handy uses. You could take an image you found on Pinterest to identify products — from dresses to desk lamps — in the photo. You could take a photo of a flower, and a reverse image search could tell you what kind of flower it was. A standard text search can’t do that. And fortunately, image searches are pretty simple to do.

County Records for Charlotte County Florida can also be viewed online. A simple record search of just your last name or just your street name works best.

TinyURLMany in attendance were unaware of the Tinyurl site. Often we have to send someone a link to a website we have found. We know we can grab the URL to that page in the Address bar and copy it to the clipboard. Then we can paste it into an email or even a Facebook message to them. However, the address may be many lines long and a tough item to type for them. Instead, we turn that long URL into a manageable one using Tinyurl. Then we send the shortened link to our friend. It is easy to enter the tiny version. This is what makes opening the Hangout link for our weekly

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 10-29-2019

These are some thoughts about what we could talk about. Your questions come first. And remember, it does not matter if you think your question is not worth discussing. Ask it anyway. There are many others with the same question. No question is too basic.

Should You Leave Your Laptop Plugged in All the Time?A battery cannot be overcharged. There’s no danger of overcharging a battery if you leave it plugged in all the time. As soon as it hits 100 percent it will cease charging and won’t start again until the voltage falls below a certain level.

How To Install Kodi On Windows PCHow to install Kodi on Windows PC? Setting up Kodi on your Windows PC XP, 7, 8, or 10, is pretty much straight forward. You download the .exe file from the Kodi website and then install it on your computer. The next steps require you to setup Kodi addons. In this help guide, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to install Kodi on PC. I’ve also included a tutorial that shows you how to easily enable the best Kodi addons on it.

How to Protect Your Computer from Power ProblemsI run one of my computers and some equipment through an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The UPS provides the bare minimum needed to keep my network, Wi-Fi, and internet connection up, plus one computer. My laptops and mobile devices, by virtue of being battery-powered themselves, have their own built-in UPS in a sense and need no additional power-loss protection.

Google Photos vs. OneDrive: What’s the Best Backup Tool?
This is a good article and food for thought regarding Google vs Microsoft cloud approaches for saving pictures. I use Google Photos for all my photos and OneDrive for documents and other files I want a backup copy in the cloud.

With Google Photos on your cell phone, all your pictures are uploaded to your Google cloud and at no charge to you. Be sure to NOT select uploading in original form or you will be charged against your free 15 GB of space. OneDrive does not have that option; you are charged for every byte uploaded against your free 5 GB of space. You can purchase additional space from Microsoft. For $2.00 per month, you can add an extra 100 GB to your OneDrive account.

Many people use Google Photos as their photo backup app. But is it really the best backup tool? Does OneDrive also deserve serious consideration? In this article, we compare Google Photos to OneDrive to determine which is the best tool to back up your photos. We’ll compare the two services and help you decide which is right for you.

Don’t Pay for Microsoft Word! Four Reasons to Use Office Online Instead. Microsoft Office is the world’s de facto productivity suite, but did you know that you don’t really need to pay for Microsoft Word and other apps? Thanks to Microsoft Office Online, you can access the most popular Office apps for free.

Classic Operating Systems You Can Access in Your BrowserIf you want to emulate Windows 95, Mac OS X Lion, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight classic operating systems you can access in your browser.

A good article on the old operating systems but we could not find a link to try them out. If you find the link, let me know.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 10-22-2019

We had a good turnout at yesterday’s class, including online participants.

Bookmark Bar

The first question was about the favorites or bookmark bar on a browser. How does one make it show?

In Chrome/Brave, click the browser menu button ( Chrome, Brave), then Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar. You can also just press Ctrl+Shift+B to turn the bar off or on. This shortcut also works for Edge. Firefox does not have a bookmark bar and the shortcut simply opens a window that shows all bookmarks.

Brave bookmark button

Chrome bookmark button

To have an item appear on the bookmark bar, have the webpage open in the browser and click the bookmark button.

Shorten the name to something useful, select the Bookmarks bar Folder, then click Done. The new shortcut will appear on the Bookmark bar. Since the shortcut will appear with its icon, the name may not be needed. The less room the name is the more shortcuts that appear on the bar.

Edge works like the above except they are called favorites and the bar is a favorites bar.

When you change to another browser and have favorites assigned on your old one, you can import the favorites-shortcuts to the new browser. In the same menu we used to create the shortcut bar, find a selection to import them from another browser.

Learn how to do anything with wikiHow, the world's most popular how-to website. Easy, step-by-step, illustrated instructions for everything. We stumbled onto this site while looking for something on the Internet during class. Check it out at
Watch your hometown news live on your desktop, cell phone, tablet, and add it as a station on your Roku or Firestick device.

TV Box
It works and now is set up to view movies and more. Let’s take a look at the same box as last week, but with some channels added. It did not work as well as I expected as the channels I added at home did not come with me. I assume it had to do with the limited memory in the box I purchased. However, it was easy to install the latest Kodi and add the programming to it suing the video link below.

Best Places to Find Free Icon Files
The design world moves at a fast pace, and it’s much easier to download icon files than it is to hire graphic designers to create custom designs.

That’s why many sites offer entire marketplaces filled with free and premium icons. Some even offer hundreds of thousands of icons.

How to Create a Windows Icon
This wikiHow teaches you how to create a shortcut icon for a Windows computer. Desktop shortcuts typically use predetermined icons, but you can create your own icon by using an online converter. If you'd like to create a simple, black-and-white icon from scratch, you can use Microsoft Paint instead.

DocHub is an online PDF annotator and document signing platform. DocHub lets users add text, draw, add signatures and make document templates. DocHub can integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail and Box accounts.

We showed how to use your cell phone to take a picture of your signature and then add it to a PDF. And how to add text and “white out” text on the PDF.

Free and easy to use online PDF to text converter to extract text data from PDF files without having to install any software. Great way to print a webpage as a PDF and then extract just the text.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 10-15-2019

We had a number of questions upfront. The one I remember is setting your start page in your browser. The person having the question was using Firefox.

Setting HomeWhen you open a browser, the first website you see appears in the first tab (left tab). This is your Home page. Had you set it to show more than one website, the others will be in the additional tabs to the right. When you click to open an additional tab, that tab will open to the website you assigned which could be a repeat of the Home page or perhaps a blank page.

Let’s see how to do that in Firefox.

Click the menu button in the upper right corner (the three lines)

Select Options and then Home

Set the Home page to whatever site you want to see when you start up Firefox. My choice is, yours might be or something else.

Set New tabs to the page you would like it to open, either same as Home or a Blank Page

When you have set up your preferences, close Firefox and reopen it to see the results.

What about Brave?

Menu button > Settings > scroll to bottom

Make your choice, then scroll back to the top

In the Appearance section, set the New Tab page

In Google Chrome, click menu (three dots) > Settings

Scroll down to locate the On startup and Appearance sections and make your choices…

In Edge, click menu (three dots) > Settings

Scroll down to Customize and make your choices.

TV Box
We talked last week about various ways to get Kodi and other stations at home. We talked about cutting the cable. Well, I ordered a TV Box that says it will give us everything…

We opened the box and unpacked it. It contained the TV Box, an HDMI cable, a power pack, and a remote. There were NO batteries for the remote!

There were many many TV Boxes to choose from. I picked this one because it had the most memory, for the price range I was looking at--around $25. And I liked the clock…

We set it up using a computer monitor that had HDMI inputs. When we turned it on an easy to follow screen displayed. You would plug it into one of your TV’s HDMI inputs.

We went to the Settings selection and set up the WiFi using the club’s information. As you can see there are many selections just like on an Android cell phone or tablet. You can install Apps from the Google Play Store and access the Internet to locate others.

This box came with a version of Kodi and we scrolled through the various menu items there. However, there would be additional work to make Kodi fully operational by applying additional software. We located a number of YouTube videos to learn more about Kodi and how to add the additional software that determines the look and feel and what you are able to access--movies, sports, games, etc.

You can install Kodi on your PC, cell phone, or tablet as well as on your streaming devices such as this TV Box and an Amazon Firestick.

YouTube has many videos so select the one that applies to the device you are installing it on.

We watched a number of short videos on Youtube about Kodi. This video shows how to install Movies and TV Shows on Kodi

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 10-8-2019

Class this week as usual. I will be online as well and would like to know how that worked out at the General Meeting. We had a couple of folks listening in. Here are a few of the things we might get into, but as always your questions come first.

Alternate Office AppsI use Google “Office” Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheet, etc) which is free with a free Google account. It works great on my PC, my Chromebook, on Linux Mint, and on my cell phones, iPhone and Android.

I also like LibreOffice available on and WPS which is available at their site,

Setting A Restore Point And WhySystem Restore is an awesome system recovery tool, and it's included with Windows for free. It's the ideal solution for rolling back bad drivers, fixing when buggy software breaks your PC, or simply rolling you back to a previous point in time. We looked at how to create a restore point and how to recover from one.

What is Kodi? Kodi is free, open-source software designed specifically with home entertainment in mind – and it's perfect if you're a fan of movies, sports, films, and TV shows. There are many YouTube videos showing how to set it up on your PC, on a Firestick, and other devices. Simply put, as long as you have Internet access you can cut the cable and watch pretty much everything. 

Click the following link to see all the past notes that contained info on Kodi. Then Ctrl+F and type Kodi. All the words Kodi will now be highlighted and easy to locate.

Roku News ChannelIf you have a Roku box, you can add the streaming channel NewsON for free and watch your local news TV stations.

MXQ TV BoxThere are many of these on Amazon fr from about $25 and up. Turns your TV into a smart TV and includes Kodi so you can access just about anything.

Android tv box MXQ 

Move Contacts from one email provider to anotherThis one can be tricky. You have to go to your previous provider where you still have a working account and export the contact list to a file. Then you can open the new provider’s email and import your list.

Create an album on Google PhotosPictures are stored in the Google Cloud in the order you upload them. They are accessible using search in many different ways. Search on a date. Search on location. Search on a face (uses a very accurate facial recognition algorism). Search on type of content, like dog, boart, food, etc.

You can create an album (like a folder) and it will hold shortcuts to the picture you desire to be in an album. Say you take a bunch of pictures on Thanksgiving.

Create a thanksgiving album and then find all your thanksgiving pictures and videos. Select them and then add them to the thanksgiving album.

How To Download Google Photos To A Folder On My PcQ: I have the photos uploaded from a cell phone to google photos. I can pull them up and see them on my computer. I want to download them to my computer so that I can put them in My Pictures.

A: Go to Google Photos and select the pictures to be downloaded by placing a checkmark in the circle in each picture by clicking on the circle. If you have a group of pictures, check the first one. Then scroll down to the last and holding the shift key down, click the last one and all will be selected.

Then click the menu button (three dots in the upper right) and select Download (or Shift+D) and they will all come down as a zip file. It will go to your download folder. Double click it to see the files.

Then click Extract all and tell it to place the extracted folder in your My Pictures folder, or whatever location you choose.

How To Change Browser Download Folder LocationHave you ever wanted to know how to change the download folder your browser uses? I know I have, and recently someone asked me where the downloads go.

Order Photo Prints Within Google PhotosGoogle announced a new feature in Google Photos this month … Printing! This has been a highly requested feature. Apparently lots of people still want a photo they can hold in their hand, put in a binder or add to the fridge with a magnet. With just a couple of clicks and 25 cents per photo, you can pick up your 4X6 prints on the same day at a Walmart or CVS of your choosing.

How To Download YouTube Videos With VLCYouTube has declared war on downloading videos from its site. Most downloading programs and extensions no longer work but you can still use VLC.

How To Hide The Search Box On Windows 10I was playing on my laptop the other day and looked at the Taskbar at the bottom of my screen. Nothing new but I wondered if I could make any adjustments to it. The one change I really wanted to change was removing the Search Box. This is the one thing I don’t like hanging out on the bottom of my screen. After researching this, I found out there are many things that you can customize on your Taskbar. Since I now know how to do this, I would show you how to hide the Search Box and then give you a bonus of where you can make a few more adjustments. Open Windows 10 and let us start learning.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 9-24-2019

How to Restore the Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 10
Select the Start button, then select Settings. Or, right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize.
Select Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings.
Select the Recycle Bin checkbox > Apply.

A great way to update and install a number of useful programs. We have discussed this many times in the past. This is what we use to install the maintenance programs we recommend you use weekly.
Glary Utilities
See for more on using Ninite

This must be initially downloaded from Then when you open it to run each week, if a newer version is available download and install it. When asked to purchase just click “no thanks” then choose the free version.

See more at and some good how-to’s

Place Icon on Desktop
Open the website you want an icon on the desktop for in Chrome or Brave.
Click the menu button (3 dots or dashes in u[[er right)
More tools > Create shortcut
Give it a name
Locate it on your desktop

Power Options
Windows comes with default power options that cause the computer to got to sleep after so many minutes or the screen to turn off. Also what happens when you shut the cover on a laptop. Let’s look at how to change those.

Win+I > type “power” > select power & sleep then adjust settings OR...
Win+I > type “lid” > select change what closing the lid does then adjust settings

Cut/Copy/Paste and the new Win+V
Except for the later, these shortcuts have been used for decades to copy and move files and folders. Let’s review using them and the click-shift method of selecting. Before 1903 the clipboard could only hold the last thing copied to it. When pasting, Win+V opens a list of everything sent to the clipboard since the last restart or when it was cleared,

We used notepad to demonstrate using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+Z

Change the mouse look and speed
Windows comes with a tiny mouse pointer. You can change that and it's color and the speed it moves across the screen.

Ctrl+I > type “mouse” > Change your mouse settings then click Additional mouse settings

Mouse locator
Ever have trouble locating the mouse? It is there somewhere but you can’t see it. One simple switch and hitting the ctrl key will display flashing circles around the pointer.

Desktop pictures or not
Windows displays a number of caned images at the start screen and in the desktop background. You do not have to settle for the defaults. You can even use your own pic

Win+U > Background settings

Backup reminder
Let’s talk about the need for doing backups and the number of ways to do that.

Copy to flash drive
Copy to DVD
EaseUS image

Free and easy to use online PDF to text converter to extract text data from PDF files without having to install any software.

You upload a PDF with photos and text and it returns a text file of just the words. Great for extracting data from a PDF.

Where are my photos?

Most of us take pictures and even short movies right on our cell phones. Three are many questions about photos.

How do we get those over to our computer?
How do we send them to others?
Can I edit them on my phone or on my computer?
Why are they so large?
How do I download a picture from Facebook?
How do I save a picture from an email?

What do I do? I use Google Photos on my phone so every picture I take is stored in the Google Cloud at no charge but having a free Google account.

Experience smarter and faster photo editing. Pixlr X is the only photo editor you need for quick yet professional edits. Designed with just the right amount of easy to navigate photo editing tools, you are about to experience the next best online image editor built with cutting edge technology.

This needs Adobe Flash installed. Works great with high-end edits and more. A free “photshop” like app.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Computer Club Notes 9-17-2019

Another good afternoon both online with those away and those who joined us live at the club. We had a number of questions and conversations before getting to look at the items I had bulleted in my email.

Desktop Shortcuts for Website

Some shortcuts we used today:
F11 while in a browser removes the top lines like the address bar and shortcut bar to give more room for the page itself. F11 to toggle back

Win+D hides all open windows so you can see the desktop. Win+D to toggle the windows back.

Win+I opens the Settings window

Getting files/folders off a device plugged into your PC--USB flash drive, camera, SD card, CD, audio recorder, etc. The device will open in File Manager and look like a disk drive with floders and files. To move that data off the external device onto your PC, left-drag the file or folder to wherever you want it to reside on your PC. Since the from device is external, left -drag will copy the data. It will end up on your PC and still remain on your device. If you are moving from one area on a device (PC or external) to another area on the same device, left-drag will move it. If you right-drag instead of left, an options menu will pop up asking what you want to do--move, copy, create a shortcut.

Ctrl+C to copy what is selected

Ctlr+X to copy what is selected and remove the selected item

Ctrl+V to paste the last thing selected

Ctrl+Z to undo the last action

Ctrl+Y to redo the last action

Win+V to scroll through the clipboard

About Defragging
Defrag is a way to put fragmented files back together on the hard drive. It speeds up access to files and frees up available space on the drive. Windows 10 does a defrag when the system is idle. However, you may run it on your own. I like the Defrag that is in Glary. CCleaner has one as well. To access the one in Windows: Win+I > type “defrag” and click to open the Optimize Drives window.

Photo Size
When you take a picture the size of the file depends on the quality of the image. An outdoor photo generally is larger than one with less light. The size is also determined by the pixel size your camera is designed to create. Most cell phones make about a 15 MP image. This creates a file size of 2-3 MB. When you send this by email you should resize the image so it does not take such a long time to send. Some email carriers have a limit on the total size of attachments.

When you upload or use the Google Photos app on your cell phone, your images will upload in their original size and you will be charged for space on Google Drive. If you select to allow Google to reduce the size of the image, you will not be charged. The size they reduce it to is still quite large. But if you download an image from Photos and compare it to the original you will see the difference.

The conclusion of our discussion was that is we have pictures that we want to retain the high quality in, keep them in a folder on your hard drive or even in OneDrive as it does not reduce the size/quality of the images.

Capture Video Playing On The PC
We did not find this during class. With Windows 10 you can capture your screen for later playback using these steps.

Switch to Settings>Gaming>Game DVR.
Set up your audio and video quality settings.
When you're ready to record, open the Game Bar with Win+G.
Click “yes, this a game”
Record your screen capture video.
Find your video in Videos>Captures.

Try it out and let me know how it works… Here is a good article about it:

Windows 10 has a built-in free screen recorder
You've very probably been using Windows 10 for a long time now, but that doesn't mean that you've discovered everything it has to offer. The operating system is packed with features, but there are some that are hidden away to the extent that they could be considered secrets.

How to create a Bootable Linux CD
First, you need to download the ISO file for the version of Linux you want to create a boot disk from. Here is a link to downloading the latest Mint ISO:

Be sure to choose the version for your PC, 32 or 64 bit. Now that you have it on your PC (probably in Downloads) you need to burn it to a CD.

Insert a blank DVD into your Optical drive. You may see a popup window asking you what to do with the Disc, close the window as you do not need it.

Locate the ISO image then Right-Click and select 'Burn disc image'.

Check 'Verify disc after burning' and click 'Burn'.

Take the burned DVD and boot from it. You will see a live session of that Linux OS running in RAM not having any effect on your Windows OS or your hard drive.

How To Start Word In Safe Mode
Even though it is highly unusual to encounter stability issues with Microsoft Word, it does happen on occasion. If Word is not starting properly, you can start it in Safe Mode to try to sort out what the problem may be.

We did not get into this as nobody in the class was actually using Word. If you are, check it out. It might become useful to you in the future.

How to disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool
Software Reporter Tool is a Google Chrome standalone process that monitors your Chrome install and reports if any add-ons are interfering with the normal functioning of the browser. The tool isn’t connected to the web but mainly used by the browser to recognize programs that may conflict with it. It’s visible as a 54Kb executable named “software_reporter_tool.exe“. If you face a high CPU usage for this process or if you frequently see a message Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool has stopped working; you might want to disable or remove it. Here is how you can do it.

This is something that could slow down processing. It does require some technical ease so not everyone should attempt some of these changes.

Alternative Web Browsers
Using a less-popular web browser can offer benefits not found in the more commonly used software, such as greater customization and privacy.

I use Brave and am very happy with it. If I find a web site that will not work right in Brave or another browser I use Edge. Yes, I know Edge. Web sites are generally created to use Edge because it is the one that comes with Windows.

This article shows you a number of other browsers, each with its own special features. Check them out and you might find one just for you.

How to Import an Old Email Account Into GmailIf you recently switched to Gmail, but want to import all your old emails into your account, Google makes it a breeze. Automatically transfer messages and contacts from one email address to the other within minutes.

My advice is to NOT use the email that your service provider supplied you. Ie:, I use and

My provider is Comcast so I do have an email address with them. One feature in all email providers is to allow your email to be forwarded to another email address. I forward all others to my Yahoo account.

If you decide to move to another state you will have to get a new provider. Or you may just want to switch. Your new provider will assign you a new email address. If you have an internet email such as Gmail all you have to do is forward your new email to the Gmail account. Nothing changes with your email. All your contacts still know you at your Gmail address.

If you had a provider email address like an you would have to let all your contacts know the new email address because when you cancel that Comcast account you will not be able to receive emails there any more.

This article shows how you can use a new feature in Gmail to transfer your email including your contacts and the actual emails from your old account to your Gmail account. You don’t lose anything. You will still have to inform your contacts of the move. Do NOT cancel the old account until you have made the transfer.

Tab Notes lets you write and save notes in Firefox and ChromeType something in the page, it doesn't get simpler than this. You can use it to create as many notes as you want. To add a new note, click on the hamburger menu icon on the left to bring up the sidebar, and then select the "Plus" button. And since it works in the browser, it uses the default spell-check tool of the browser.

This is an extension that makes a notepad available to you. What you type is saved as you type. This makes it easy to take notes as you are in your browser. I use a website called and have that tab open at all times,

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 9-10-2019

Last time we met we saw how to place an item for sale on eBay. It was a Chromebook that was working with an external keyboard as many of the keys on the device were non-working. We posted it as such on a seven-day auction. It was a slow start but the item sold for $52 in the last hour of bidding.

I was asked which backup program I prefer -- Macrium or EaseUS. I like them both but find EaseUS to use; fewer clicks to use it. Both work equally as good. I have written two articles about backing up and restoring using EaseUS.

The file created is a compressed file that can only be opened with the program that created it. To do so requires you have the program that created it installed. Then you can double click the image file and view its contents.

Free HTML/WYSIWYG Online Editor
This tool was designed to make you extremely fast and efficient in HTML Editing. It's not for creating complete websites, therefore it does not create HTML head and body tags, but the body content only. The Web Editor is intended for all people who are in need of formatted HTML in their applications, websites or web content management systems (CMS). HTML5 Editor was designed to simplify the process of creating attractive web pages that render correctly in various browsers. It also helps to find and correct errors in your HTML markup so basically it's impossible to write wrong code with this tool.

I showed how you can right-click on a web page and view the source programming code written in HTML. Past it into this program and you can edit the page in WYSIWYG on the right and/or HTML code on the left. Use this tool not to borrow someone else's website but to create short blocks of code to give style to what is otherwise just text.

AI Image Enlarger
AI Image Enlarger is a free software program for Windows and Mac devices, and an online service, that you may use to turn low definition photos and images into high definition ones. AI Image Enlarger promises that its upscaling technology produces high-quality results that preserve the quality of the source image.

We could not find the download page. The two we did look at did not work all that well. If you have some success please let us know.

First Look at Malwarebytes 4
Malwarebytes, the maker of the security application Malwarebytes, released the first beta version of the upcoming major release Malwarebytes 4 to the public.

This was just information. It is in Beta now but be warned that something new and different looking is coming soon.

Why Is My Machine Slowing Down?Perhaps when you purchased it, your computer ran like a champ and quickly did everything you needed. Now … well, not so much. Perhaps it takes forever to boot. Or starting applications is slower than molasses. Or maybe the machine just acts sluggish when you try to use it for just about anything. Regardless of the specifics, the underlying theme is simple: it’s slow.

Lots of good ideas, most of which we have discussed in the past. Here are some of my ideas.

All of a sudden going very slow, even stalling? Turn the PC off even if you have to hard stop it by holding down the power button until it shuts off. Restart and see if it is still slow. How full is your hard drive? How much memory do you have? 4 GB or more should be plenty. How old is your machine? If you have brought it from XP all the way to 10 it might be time to look for a new one; they are not very expensive. Even an old Vista or 7 might be slow.

Using Glary in 1-click Maintenance, check Disk Repair so it checks the hard drive for problems. If it finds any it will attempt to fix on the next re-boot.

Windows Event Viewer
The Windows Event Viewer shows a log of application and system messages, including errors, information messages, and warnings. It’s a useful tool for troubleshooting all kinds of different Windows problems. As a rule of thumb, assuming your PC is working properly, you can pretty much ignore the errors and warnings that appear in the Event Viewer. That said, it’s worth having a basic working knowledge of the tool, and knowing when it can be useful to you.

This is more for the geek amongst us. Windows logs everything and this is a way to peek at those logs.

How to perform a secure disk wipe with Windows 10's Format command
Windows 10's Format command comes with a special parameter that essentially wipes a hard disk. It was easy to do and worked like a charm. I figured other folks should know about this handy feature, so let's take a closer look.

We use special wiping programs to totally clear a hard drive but with Windows 10 we can now do that wipe in Windows.

Larry recorded today's session. If you would like to hear it:

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 8-27-2019

Set up your computer to automatically sign in

Win+R and type NETPLWIZ, then click OK. This will bring up the User Accounts dialog box. Uncheck the “Users must enter…” box, then click Apply.

Enter and confirm your Password, then click OK and OK. The next time you boot, you will not be prompted for a password.

Speaking of passwords, write it down somewhere. Even though you will be signed right in, there will be times you will need to know the password. Even if you switch to using a 4-digit PIN, you will still need your password.

Saving Pictures from Facebook

Find the picture on someone’s post or in their photos. Click the picture and on the next screen right-click and choose Save image as. I let all mine go to my Downloads folder. Now that it is on your computer you can print it, email it to someone, post in on your page, message it to someone…

When you upload a picture to your Facebook page you can place it a post or upload it to an album you have already created or create a new album.

Selling items online
There are many ways to sell things online. It all depends on how much you have to sell, if it is an online business you want to start, or just an item from time to time. I have used eBay to sell items and have been successfully doing it. It is an auction site meaning you place the item on eBay and people bid on it. Highest bid gets the item. You can say what the minimum amount you will take and you can even set a “buy now” amount. Another site is

Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. You post the item and set the price. Those interested in buying your item at that price will contact you. It is even easier is Facebook Marketplace.‎ Easy and Fast Way to Connect Buyers and Sellers. Find What You Want. Get Deals & Sell Faster. You post the item and the price and your local area Facebook users get to see it and communicate with you on Facebook Private Message to negotiate the price and arrange to meet to deliver it.

Next we gave a quick demonstration of using eBay to purchase things and to check the value of things. There have been a few classes in the past about eBay and selling things on it. Check back in the class notes for those handouts. We also talked about using PayPal and that you do not need an account to pay for something using it. When you give them your credit card or bank account information it stays at PayPal. The person you are buying from never see it. They get their money from PayPal.

Then we actually posted something, an Acer Chromebook that has a bad keyboard. Here is the post:

And the link to view it:

One person has already made an offer to buy it for $25. I will wait until the end of the auction to let them have it.

Lots of help on eBay website

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 8-20-2019

We covered over an hour of topics before we got to the agenda. Good discussions and great questions. Here are some of the items we discussed.

A PDF is a Portable Document File and can be generated by choosing the printer “Microsoft Print to PDF”. That will generate a file that can be sent to anyone with any type of computer device and they can read it. In Windows 10, Microsoft Edge can read PDFs. Adobe Acrobat had been the free PDF reader of choice for many for years.

Image Resize
When we take a digital picture it ends up as a 1-5 MB file. Try to email that to someone and it could be larger than permitted with your email carrier. Use an image resizer to create a new and smaller image to send to others. Here is one we talked about back in May:

Faststone image resizer
FastStone Photo Resizer is an image converter and renaming tool that intends to enable users to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy batch mode. Drag and Drop mouse operation is well supported. FastStone Photo Resizer makes quick work of batches of digital snapshot!

Grammarly is an extension that corrects your spell in your grammar on the fly. Does a good job.

Google Cloud
Remember a cloud is hard drive storage at a location away from your location. It is accessed using the internet. The data stored is encrypted so only you can access it.

Windows 10 has OneDrive, a 5 gb cloud
Google comes with 15gb
Google Photos provides unlimited photo storage
Dropbox comes with 2gb
And there are many more out there. In every case you can purchase more space for a reasonable cost.

For pictures I use Google Photos. It is unlimited and with the app on my cell phone every picture I take is automatically sent to the Google Cloud. If you have a free google account (gMail) you have the Google Drive (

Google Docs
If you have a Google account, you have 15 gb of storage in their cloud and have access at All your Google data is stored here. Your gMail, your Google Photos, and anything else you upload to the “drive”. If you are storing your photos or movies or Google documents, the storage is free. If you are uploading non-Google files they use your 15 gb of free space. If you run out, you can purchase more space at a reasonable monthly fee.

I use Google Docs and Spreadsheets for most of my writing. Not only is it available on my PC, but also on my cell phone and Chromebook and LinuxMint computer, and at anyone else’s computer. Access is on the web and all files are stored there. Sharing files with others is a simple as clicking Share and sending them the link. They can view but not change or I can set it to allow their comments or even to modify the file.

How to enable Ransomware Protection
Windows Defender has been gaining a foothold steadily for the past few years. But there is one flaw in the antivirus that ships with Windows 10. The option for Ransomware Protection is disabled by default even though it is available as a native option since the release of Windows 10 version 1709.

One of our members noted that a number of valid programs were flagged as ransomware. He had to go in and make them exceptions. From that point on all worked fine. Here is what he had to say:

“You should try the Ransomware Protection. I did and found it a pain in the butt. I just turned it back on the other day when Harold emailed about it. It immediately blocked Outlook in Office. Unfortunately, many routine programs get blocked. Not that hard to make exceptions but still a pain. Talk to the class about it but be aware of the false positives. Some are Windows system files if that makes any sense. Why would they get blocked? “

System Information
System software DescriptionSystem Information is a system profiler included with Microsoft Windows that displays diagnostic and troubleshooting information related to the operating system, hardware and software.

Win+R > msinfo32


How to fix 100% disk usage in Windows
High disk usage can be tricky to fix, but here are the common reasons why it happens and how you can solve it and make Windows responsive again. There are several things that can cause 100% disk usage in Windows, and it can be a tricky problem to solve. But help is at hand: here are all the common reasons why it happens and how you can fix it.

This article outlines some ways the author has found. The first says to restart. Better to shutdown and restart; this reloads everything. Use task manager (Shift+Ctrl+Esc) to see what applications are taking the most disk usage. Something is running and it may be just a bad hard drive.

100% Disk Usage in Windows 10 Fixed With 14 Tricks
Got 100% disk usage in Windows 10? So your computer is hanging and freezing. Same old Windows, right? Except you’re using a brand-new Windows 10 device; you’ve only had it a few days. So just what is going on?

This is a much better article on the 100% issue. Here are some of the suggestions it addresses:
  • Check disk performance with chkdisk
  • Check your anti-virus/malware software
  • Disable Windows search
  • Disable Superfetch service
  • Time to disable Flash
  • Is Windows Update causing 100% disk usage?
Neither article mentions is to disable the background apps from running and disabling things in Startup.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a free portable antivirus
This has been around for a long time and ranks high in troubleshooting arsenals.The emergency kit is available for Windows 7 through Windows 10.The download has a size of 326 Megabyte sand comes as a self-extracting installer; it does not need to be installed but is extracted to a location when you execute it. You may then run the program from that location, even if it is on a USB drive.

Download at Run it and have the installation go to your flash drive. Then it can be run at anytime from the flash drive.

Malwarebytes releases AdwCleaner 7.4
Malwarebytes, maker of the security solution of the same name, released a new version of the company's AdwCleaner program this week. AdwCleaner is a standalone free program designed to detect and remove adware and other unwanted software programs from Windows machines.

This one actually finds things MalwareBytes misses. Worth running from time to time.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Computer Club Notes 8-13-2019

Club Favorites
At each general meeting George demonstrates a program or website that is useful. You can find the ones he has shown us on our club website at Find the link on the right side:

Click 3 Favorites to see the list since this January. At the August meeting he showed us a site that gives us access to over three million manuals. We keyed in the model number for an audio recorder one of our members had with him and instantly had the 300+ page manual for it.

Preview the new CCleaner BrowserWe know that CCleaner users like to keep junk under control, stay private, and get things done fast. That's why we've built a safer browser that puts you in control of your digital footprint and stops browsing cluttering up your PC.

We installed it and found it to be similar to Google Chrome and Brave. Did not see anything bad about it all. Give it a try and see what you think.

An image editor you'll LOVE! or so we thought...Looked like a neat program. It used to be around as a free application. Now it is free to try, but the require your credit card so we did not give it an actual trial. Watched a demo of it that looked good--gave us a few new “Tech terms” like "tad", "easy pizy", and "smidge"

Free PicMonkey Alternative. Ribbet is a 100% online photo editor like PicMonkey, and best of all it's free. Apply sophisticated effects, stickers, frames, fonts, borders and more in seconds and without any training or classes.

What Is a VPN?
VPN software creates an encrypted connection (often referred to as a tunnel) between your computer and a server controlled by the VPN company, and then passes all network activity through that protected tunnel. This way, your online activities are hidden from everyone—including your ISP, which is now allowed to sell your anonymized information.

Think of it this way: If you drive out of your garage, someone can follow your car and track where you went, how long you were there, and when you returned home. We call that stalking. Using a VPN service is like driving into a closed parking garage, switching to a different car, and then driving out. Anyone following your original car now has no idea where you went after entering the garage. A VPN service keeps the stalkers at bay.

What is a VPN connection, what does it do, and how do you set one up?
You may have heard the term VPN used more and more frequently in recent years. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a VPN serves several purposes, including making online activities more secure. For that reason alone, we recommend that everyone use a VPN.

Do I need a VPN?
Get more from the Internet—especially privacy, anonymity and safety—by using a VPN before you do anything online! Who doesn't love the Internet? It delivers information, answers, entertainment and connections to you, on demand, in seconds. From anywhere and at any time from our desktop computers, laptops, smartphone and tablets. It's a life-saver for students of all ages, moms, businesses, organizations...everyone.

But the Internet is not perfect. It has some built-in flaws that make you vulnerable when you're online. You should know that, because hackers, government and other snoopers and advertisers take full advantage of it.

A VPN changes that for you!
But you can make the Internet safer, more secure and definitely more private with the help of a VPN...a virtual private network. Don't you want to go on the Internet without being tracked, monitored, and identified...without your knowledge? In today's world, that freedom is getting harder to find.

A VPN...described.
As long as your router is secured and your Wi-Fi is using something like a WPA or WPA2 password, then by and large, you probably don't need a VPN at home. Most VPN services are tailored for the traveler who is regularly using open and untrustworthy hotspots and other internet connections on the road.

Here's a quick, helpful definition...and about all you need to know about a VPN.

A VPN is a service that you sign up for online for a small monthly charge

Once you have an account, your VPN service should be "on" when you're online

A VPN, in action, takes your Internet connection and makes it more secure, helps you stay anonymous and helps you get around blocks and access censored sites.

The key to a VPN is that it lends you a temporary IP address and hides your true IP address from every website or email you connect with

It's Virtual...because it's as if you have a private connection directly to any website or another computer you connect to.

It's Private...because all your website visits and online activity is between you and the websites you visit.

It's a Network...because you're using a special network of VPN servers that covers the entire globe.

Your IP address is a behind-the-scenes number your Internet provider assigns your computer that allows you to go anywhere on the Internet. It's something like the house number on your home.

That's the good news. The somewhat "bad" news is that your IP address also gives away your computing location, at home or on the road. That bothers a lot of computer users.

Backing Up
Our computers are reliable until they are not. Eventually the hard disk drive will fail and when it does you are out of luck unless you have been making backups. So me of you may be copying important files down to flash drives but I have not found that to be true with most. Backing up is on the things to do list but always gets pushed down by our busy life. Who knew being retired would be so filled with stuff to do? It is really easy to do. Install the software (Link on the club site) and run it. Once you have started the backup go watch television or go out for dinner. When you get back it will be all done. Here is a link to the recent article I wrote on using EaseUS.

Downloading a video from YouTube.
  1. Open the video on YouTube
  2. Ctrl+L to access the URL
  3. Left Arrow and then right arrow over to just before the letter Y
  4. Type SS and hit enter

Click Download…with low quality (it’s free)

Click Free download…

Click Download and watch the video… or

Click the three dots

Click Download

Choose a location to save the file and its name

You now have the full video on your computer

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 7-30-2019

We did not get to discuss what a VPN is and will get to it next time we meet. Next week is the General Meeting so our open forum will be held from 6-7 pm. Beginner class is from 5-7. Hope to see you all there. Come with questions for me.

I know we discussed a lot and I do not remember all the topics we hit on. Here are a few...

What does gmail archive do?Unlike Outlook, when you Archive a message in Gmail, the message is hidden from your Inbox view. So in effect, archiving lets you tidy up your inbox by moving messages from your inbox into your All Mail label, so you don't have to delete anything.

What computer should I buy?
Most of our users have Windows and most of them Windows 10. When it is time to purchase a new one, what should you look for? The first question I ask is what do you use your computer for? If all your work revolves around the Internet, perhaps a Chromebook would work well for you. If you have some specialized software you regularly use then another Windows 10 one may be called for. You might even look to a Linux based computer.

A Windows based machine needs regular maintenance and an active anti-virus program running all the time. I use Windows Defender (will be renamed soon to Microsoft Defender). The Chromebook and the Linux machines do not need antivirus or other maintenance programs. They are great for surfing the web, doing word processing and spreadsheet work, and running any web based apps like your banking and , getting into you medical providers. etc.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows
Here it is, a full list of keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

OneDrive sync problems on Windows 10When you're facing syncing issues with OneDrive, it's likely to be a problem with the desktop client, and in this guide, we'll show you the steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

OneDrive needs you to sign in with your Microsoft Account. If you do not have one, create one. OneDrive comes with Windows 10. Whatever you place in your OneDrive folder (Folders and File) automatically goes into your cloud storage in your Microsoft account. Add or change a file in OneDrive on your computer and it is updated in your OneDrive in the cloud. You get 5 GB of space in OneDrive for free. For $1.99 a month you can increase that to 50 GB. If you choose to go for Office 365, you get 1 TB for free.

You’re Slowing Down Your PCSWhile all computers slow down over time, in many cases, your own behavior can cause your computer to run slowly. Here are common mistakes that will slow your machine down to a crawl, and how to stop making them. You can see the problems by looking at performance in the Task Manager. Right-click on the taskbar and choose task manager.

If you don’t see this multi-tabbed view, in the lower left of the smaller view, click More details.

A slow computer probably shows Disk usage at 100% or perhaps Memory at 100%. If this is the case you need to have your computer looked at.

CCleaner may install CCleaner BrowserCCleaner, the popular Windows file cleaning software, may install the web browser CCleaner Browser as part of the installation process if users are not careful. Watch the check boxes that appear on the install screen for CCleaner. Uncheck them or you will install more than just CCleaner. If you do you can just uninstall them. The programs CCleaner piggybacks are not malware, just programs you do not need. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 7-23-2019 for good buys on lots of stuff including Microsoft Office and Windows. Here is what they say: “Experience has proven to us that listening to our sellers' feedback is the best opportunity we have to consistently improve our product. That's why we've developed various tools over the years to make online selling easy. Our business relies on making successful sellers, so it's not a coincidence that the tools we offer can be customized to fit our sellers' needs.”

Linux vs Windows
Linux does not need a powerful machine to run swiftly. An older XP computer will work well. Needs little hard disk space and minimal memory depending on the distro you use. I like Linux Mint and Lubuntu. No need for any antivirus or anti malware programs. They come with Firefox and sometime Chromium and some kind of “office” capability like LibreOffice. There are no weekly updates or six month replacement versions. They just work. But they only run software designed for Linux, and there are many out there.

Easy to try as you first download the ISO file and burn a boot CD.

Boot from that CD and your version of Linux runs completely in memory without touching your hard drive.

Once you are sure you will like it, click the icon to install it alongside your current OS or have it wipe your drive and install as a stand alone OS.

CCleaner Browser
CCleaner Browser is a web browser with built-in security and privacy features to keep you safe online. It comes packed with all the tools you need to manage your online privacy, identity, and personal data. You can download CCleaner Browser at:

Paint 3D replaces MS Paint, a decades favorite of Windows users It is a built-in creative application that comes free with Windows 10*. It is designed to be simple yet powerful by allowing you to create professional or fun creative projects by easily combining 2D and 3D tools. The best part is that you don’t need any design experience – Paint 3D can be used by anyone. Its approachable interface makes it easy to customize existing 3D models from our built-in 3D library or create 3D designs from scratch.

Instagram is a free, online photo-sharing application and social network platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram allows users to edit and upload photos and short videos through a mobile app. ... Users also have the option of making their profile private, so that only their followers can view their posts.

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of I use blogger for our club page at It makes an easy way to create and maintain a personal and business web site.

Other ways to get yourself on the Web at little or no cost include, Web Starts, and GoDaddy.

Quick Removal new default
Quick removal is the safer option as it ensures that devices can be disconnected from the Windows PC directly. Better performance improves performance but requires that users need to use the "Safely remove hardware" option before they unplug external storage devices. Failure to do so may lead to data loss

Installers often try to sneak additional programs as a natural part of the installation. Unchecky warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer, which makes it less likely to be accepted accidentally.

What is a personal cloud?
loud Storage (PCS) is a local network-attached storage (NAS) device that lets users store data, photos, music, videos and other files and is optimized for media streaming. PCS devices are a way for home users to experience the advantages of high-capacity, cloud-based storage without losing control of their data. Users can access content on their PCS device from multiple computers using a web browser, while mobile apps provide access from iOS and Android devices. Files can be shared without using a public cloud service.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 7-16-2019

We have not spent time on this for many months. This was a refresher and a starting point for those new with social media. We did not get very far but covered a lot of ground answering questions.

Under Settings > Notifications you can set your account to not send you emails for every little thing.

When posting Public everyone can see your postings. Better to post Friends so nobody else will see it.

If you do not want all your friends or everyone to see your note to someone, do NOT put it as a comment under someone else's post. Make it a PM or Private Message by going to their page and clicking Message. Only they will see the message and their response will only go to you.

What is this much talked about thing. How do you get started with it and is it for you? Think of it as group texting with the world as your recipients.

You can follow others by simply going to their Twitter to view their tweets. It used to be a place to say something in 128 characters or less; like a text message that has an audience of many.

It you go to someone's Twitter page you can elect to follow them meaning you get a notification every time they tweet. Twitter has been making big changes. The 128 had increased to 256 and now you can add pictures and more. And Twitter now displays ads right in your area for others to see.

See my page at

I was asked about the possibility of recording a Webinar. The answer is yes. There are many programs that will allow you to capture whatever is happening on your computer. A popular one I have known for years is SnagIt.

CCCGC website as of 24 August 2004
The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public. Our mission is to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge.

Ninite is the safest site to install programs from. When you open you are presented with a list of programs to select from. You check the ones you want and then click the Get Installer button. That does not download any of the programs you have checked, it downloads a tiny program to your computer with a list of the programs you checked.

When you run that installer program it looks over each program selected to see if you have it already installed on your computer. If not, it downloads and installs it. If you already have the program it compares the version on your computer to the available one. If the one you have is already the latest, it does nothing with that program. If the one you have is older, the latest is downloaded and installed for you.

The next time you want to check to see if you have the latest updates you do not have to go to ninite and start over. If you still have the installer program on your computer, just double-click it.

Classic Start (AKA Classic Shell) gives you a start menu on Windows 10 that has the appearance of XP, Vista, or 7. It is easy to use and easy to setup. Open and select Class Start. When installed, the next time you click the Start button you get to choose what want the program to emulate, I chose Windows 7 with the Windows Aero skin. Right-click on Start and you can exit out of it (will reappear on next restart) or open Settings to change your preferences.


We did NOT get to talk about any of the following and will look at them in future sessions.

How to prompt your memory with Google Photos
Memory is a tricky thing. Some of us are great at attaching names to faces, while others (and here I raise my hand) have always had a problem with remembering names, especially when you meet someone out of context. For example, imagine the embarrassment when someone you know from work suddenly shows up at a friend’s party, and you spend the next hour trying to remember their name.

How to use the new Facebook Marketplace feature
The Marketplace app is easy to navigate -- you can browse, search by keyword or search by category. Now, when you find an item you like, you'll see an option to checkout directly through the app. You can choose the quantity you want and the shipping price.

Background Apps
Left to its own devices Windows will happily run all sorts of stuff in the background on your PC. A lot of the time you might not even realize it’s happening. One important thing to consider, however, is that all these background Apps use up precious system resources and that might not be a good thing on an older computer. Heck, even on modern systems, why have the CPU working on things that don’t matter to you?

Microsoft revives Power Toys
Remember Power Toys? If you worked on PCs when Windows 95 or XP were en vogue, you may remember that Microsoft released a number of useful tools back then to extend the functionality of the Windows operating system.

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Installers often try to sneak additional programs as a natural part of the installation. Unchecky warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer, which makes it less likely to be accepted accidentally.

Quick Removal new default
Quick removal is the safer option as it ensures that devices can be disconnected from the Windows PC directly. Better performance improves performance but requires that users need to use the "Safely remove hardware" option before they unplug external storage devices. Failure to do so may lead to data loss