Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Computer Club Extras 11-27-2019

First I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Sherri and I have been busy here in Monticello Kentucky but I am missing your smiling faces at the classes. We are also missing the warmer weather. LOL

Upgrade From Windows 7
We have been wondering if it was still possible to upgrade Windows 7 to 10 with the latest 1909 version.

I had an opportunity to upgrade a Windows 7 computer to 1909 the other day. The upgrade went great leaving all of their programs, user information etc. intact. I just booted to 7 And logged in with their username and password. I inserted the windows 1909 installation CD and double-clicked on setup. When I got to the point to choose, I chose to upgrade and also clicked on “I don't have a product key”. Since the computer was already activated running Windows 7 when the installation finished Windows 10 automatically activated.

So if you're still running Windows 7 it is still possible to do a full upgrade at no charge to windows 10 1909.

I have been busy writing a number of new articles for DCT. You might want to check them out.

Here are a few new articles I have been reading. Perhaps they may interest you also…

A look at the email forwarding service AnonAddyAnonAddy is an open-source email forwarding service designed to protect an Internet user's email addresses from spam and other unwanted emails. Most Internet users use one or a handful of email addresses on the Internet. They use these to sign-up for services, do their online shopping, communication, and any other activity that requires an email address (and those that don't require an email but allow emails to be added to accounts).

9 Awesome Free Printable Board Games
If you’re on the lookout for a new hobby you’ve probably considered exploring the world of printable board games and printable card games. And it turns out that it’s both easy and free to make your own games.

I needed a way to convert a photo saved in the new HEIC format to JPG. This website did a quick job of the conversion. Check it out as it converts many different formats. It is free for 25 conversion minutes per day and files up to 1 GB in size.

iPhone Storage Full?
How to Create Free Space on iOS. The usual culprits are photos, 4K videos, games, and other digital hoarding habits. You can’t upgrade an iPhone’s storage. That leaves you with three choices—buy a bigger phone, get more cloud storage, or create free space on your iPhone. The first two don’t work if you want to free up space right now. So let’s look at the ways to free up storage space with a bit of iOS jugglery.

7 Uses for a USB Stick You Didn’t Know About
We’ve all used USB sticks to transport files between computers and back up our files, but there are other cool things you can do with a USB stick. You can use one to lock and unlock your computer—just like in the movies. You can also use a USB flash drive to quickly connect to a wireless network on all your PCs, increase your computer’s performance, or even run a web server—directly from the USB stick itself.

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