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Computer Class Notes 5-12-2021

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How to Add Live Closed Captions to Zoom
Video calls and meetings are great, but they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to accessibility. Fortunately, Zoom has the ability to create live closed captions in real-time during meetings. We’ll show you how it works.

Upcoming Edge Update Lets You View Office Files
On May 1st, Microsoft shared an upcoming version of its Edge browser with testers in the Dev Channel. Though it doesn’t have an official release date, Microsoft Edge version 92 contains several new features, including a native Office Viewer, Windows Search integration, and a tool that lets you send tabs between your PC and Android phone.

How to Check How Much OneDrive Storage You Have Left
Microsoft OneDrive is a popular cloud storage service that boasts deep integration with Windows 10. If you’re a OneDrive user, you probably want to keep tabs on how much storage you’re using. We’ll show you how to check.

How to See (and Delete) All of Your Google Activity
Most of us use Google for almost everything: Navigation, scheduling, shopping, games, research, and of course, search. We search for recipes, vacation destinations, historical facts, medical information, news stories, and almost every piece of information a human living in 2021 might ever need to know. It’s all on Google.

How to Add Captions to Images in Google Docs

It’s easy to add an image to your document in Google Docs, but including a caption is another story. Until Google adds a caption feature to Docs, here are a few ways you can create and add captions to your photos.

I still like to use the Paint program to add captions to an image.

  • Win+Q and type Paint.
  • Press Enter
  • Paste the image
  • Drag down a section under the picture
  • Use the A to insert the caption

Maintenance Update

Instead of using, I am using Patch My PC to update the programs on my PC. When you run it, it looks at all your programs and if any are included in the 300 programs available through PMP, it checks to see that you have the latest version and if not, downloads and installs the latest without any questions or extra apps just like ninite does. PCM has many more programs available.

Simply stated, here is what I recommend you do once a week.
  • Run Patch My Pc to update your maintenance programs
  • Run SuperAntispyware
  • Run Malwarebytes
  • Run Wise Disk cleaner
If any of your non-Windows programs call for an update, just run PCM to do the update for you. Then you will not have any questions to answer or have to be careful of installing any extra apps.

I just wrote a 2021 update to the Running the Maintenance Programs white paper and here it is: 

Talking to Customer Service
How often do we call a CS line and have to answer 20 questions to a computer before getting to speak to a human being? Sometimes we never get to one. This site gives you the path you need to find a person.

Truecaller App
With the Truecaller app, both calls and text messages can be blocked. Truecaller is able to identify and flag unknown numbers with its caller ID. This app also has the capability to automatically identify every unknown SMS. After downloading the app, it will ask you to enable phone permissions for Truecaller to work. If you allow Truecaller to block text messages, it will create a separate folder for Spam or Junk text messages received in your messaging app. You can look up numbers to identify who they are with Truecaller as well. Truecaller is a free app and is available in the Google Play Store for Androids and the App Store for iPhones.

Desktop Shortcuts
Many times we install a new program and we never get an icon on the desktop. Sometimes it does not even appear on the Start menu.
  • Win+Q to open Type here to search
  • Type the name of the program
  • It appears selected on top of the list, right-click it
  • Choose Open file location
  • Right-drag the file to the Desktop
  • Let go and choose to Create shortcut here
Xfinity Flex Remote
Xfinity Flex lets you easily access all your favorite apps and networks, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount+, Spotify, HBO Max, and more. You also have access to over 10,000 free shows and movies, including 200 channels, from free apps like XUMO, Tubi, and Pluto.

What services do I get with Choice TV with Xfinity Flex compared to other Xfinity TV products?

XR16 Button Functions

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