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Computer Class Notes 6-2-2021

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Demonstrated Taking A Photo Off Google Photos
And editing it, adding a caption, and then emailing it.

Locate the photo in Google Photos. Select it. Shift+D to download it.

  1. Open the downloaded picture in Photos to edit it and save a copy
  2. Open in Paint to add a caption and save it
  3. Open your email app and compose a new message. Add the picture as an attachment.
  1. Open the picture in Photos to edit it and save a copy
  2. When in Paint, Select All > Copy
  3. Open your email app and compose a new message. Paste the picture.

Demonstrated The Concept Of Albums In Google Photos
An album is a great way to organize photos in your photo cloud. Pictures that were not taken on the same date can be gathered with other pictures under the same category or album. The pictures are not moved to the album and the same picture can appear in multiple albums.

On our computer, we create folders and place photos that we want to group together into one named folder. The photos in that folder are not in any other folder and if we drag a photo from one folder to another it moves out of the from folder to the new folder. Folders do not work the same as albums.

I demonstrated using an album approach in Windows by creating a folder and using a right-drag to move pictures into that folder saving them as shortcuts. This is what an album does. When we looked at the contents of that folder we could see the pictures, although they had a shortcut arrow on them. The actual picture was not in the folder, just a shortcut to access the picture. Delete the shortcut and it would not appear in the folder anymore but would still be in the original location.

View and access your recently closed tabs
Did you know that Firefox has a hotkey to reopen a closed tab? Press Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab comes back. This can be a lifesaver, but if you close several tabs, and then realize you need one of them back, that's when it becomes a problem. Works with Chrome and Edge as well.

Create Your Own Portable Toolbox
PortableApps is a platform for installing portable applications on a flash drive that you can take with you anywhere. Everything offered by PortableApps is free and safe, from the platform itself to the many portable applications available. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to be traveling around in order for your PortableApps flash drive to be useful — it is just as handy to have at home to use on your own PC. One of the appealing aspects of PortableApps is that it provides portable editions for quite a few software titles that are not otherwise available as portable.

Change Image Dates
Attribute Changer freeware is a powerful Windows Explorer add-on, available at your fingertips whenever you right-click on files and folders in Windows Explorer.

PrivaZer: User Guide And Review
PrivaZer is a superior junk file cleaner and privacy tool that will not only declutter your system and free up space on your hard drive but also enhance privacy via a process of secure deletion.

How to Use Smart Compose in Google Docs
Almost identical to the Text Predictions feature in Microsoft Word is Smart Compose for Google Docs. The feature uses machine learning to provide you with suggestions to help you write your documents quickly. Here’s how it works.

How to Screenshot on Chromebook
Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are intended to be easy-to-use computers, but that simplicity can lead to confusion. Taking screenshots is one feature that isn’t super well explained, and there are several different ways to do it in Chrome OS. We’ll show you all of them.

Recent Email Scams/Spam
Watch out…
  • If your name is not on it
  • If the sending email address is strange
  • If the link address is strange
  • If you don’t own the product
  • If you are offered something for nothing (no free lunch)

I do NOT even use Norton. This is a scam and I reported it as spam.

Sure I have… strange from address. I spammed it.

I do not think I want to send money to this person. Another scam.

Easy to fall for this one when you have your own website and email. ALWAYS go directly to the site to change your password. They will never send out something like this.

This is not a scam, just spam. I did not ask for this and will NOT unsubscribe because I never subscribed in the first place. I marked it as spam.

Be Mindful Of Cloud Storage
Thoughts from an article in

"When storing files in the cloud, be mindful of the nature and importance of the content. Remember that any server you don’t own is in someone else’s control.

"I still store some content in major cloud storage services such as iCloud and Dropbox, but lately I’ve moved much of my critical content to the smaller, yet well-established, cloud storage provider WebMate. Another name for this is not putting all your eggs into one basket. Do keep in mind that if you use a service outside your country of residence (WebMate is UK-based), privacy policies may be different, and you should understand them in advance.

"For those who wish to be extra cautious, many hard-drive and NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions are available. You can use them as a “personal cloud.” These can usually be set up for remote access. Of course, this data is not removed from your locality (i.e., your home), so you'll need to adopt some basic "data center skills" such as keeping good backups."

Some ideas Donna picked up at Tech For Seniors:

Krisp Noise Canceling App
Krisp removes background noise and echo from meetings leaving only human voice. Krisp app makes remote workers more professional. Register now! Free to get started. AI-powered app. Trusted by professionals. Acoustic echo removal. Room echo removal.

Create Your Own Lifeline Necklace
Save PDFs with your important medical and other information on a USB flash drive and hand it on a chain around your neck. Any emergency and those assisting can use those files to know about you. You could also make that information available as a QRcode. They could use their cell phone to read the QRcode and access the data. You could also print the QRcode on a wallet-size card and have it in your wallet.

Tech for Seniors is a one-hour show co-hosted by Ron Brown and Hewie Poplock. It is sponsored by the Silvercom Computer and Technology Club @ Silveridge Resort in Mesa. Each week we will answer your questions, talk technology, and have a GREAT time socializing with Zoom technology.

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