Thursday, October 15, 2015

Class Summary 10-15-2015

We talked about how to get back to Windows 8 or 7 if you do not like 10. we Googled the question and found a YouTube video that walked us through it--step-by-step. It is pretty easy to do it, but perhaps you might want some instruction on 10 before taking that step. Here is the video we found:

Using MS Word, I demonstrated how to generate some random text using a website called You do not need Word. It just generates as much text as you need so you can copy and paste it into whatever program you to use it for.

While we were in Word a question was asked about using and rotating text boxes. Most Word users are not aware of text boxes as they just open word and start typing. Text boxes allow you to create a “box” of text and manipulate it like different fonts and colors from the document you are placing them into. You can change the backgrounds and even add pictures. And you can rotate the box so it is upside down or at any angle you want. This is great for creating your own greeting cards, quarter fold.

I was asked about the messages that pop up to update Java and Adobe. Both are necessary and neither comes with Windows, any version. So it is okay to allow those update. Be sure to read the screens to make sure you do not allow any other programs to install--look for checkboxes and radio buttons. is a good way to update programs without haveing to beconcerned with any other installs.

Some were not aware of the available addon to bring back the start menu looking like XP, Vista, or 7. You might give it a try before throwing out 10. Go to and download it. I think you will like it.

While in ninite, I was asked what VLC was all about. It is a media player that allows you to play DVD’s on your PC without having to purchase the Microsoft Media Player that was left out of 8 and 10. Get it from Ninite. (link above)

Last week we touched on Photo Story 3. Today we created a movie from still images and looked at how to add word, voice over, music and change the way the animation works. Download your copy from:

Talked a little about email. Many use the email provided by the internet server they are using, like comcast or embarq in this area. I suggest using an email that is in the cloud like Yahoo, gMail, live, or a host of others. Have your other email forward to your cloud email. Then wherever you are you can access your email and if you change providers you do not have to change your email address.

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