Friday, August 9, 2013

Speech in Windows

We learned a lot yesterday about speech-to-text and text-to-speech in all versions of  Windows. Click the Class Notes link to locate the 9 page handout for the class.

What I remember we discussed afterwards:

To increase the size of the information on a Web page, you can press Ctrl +. Ctrl 0 brings it back to normal size. Ever had a screen that was hidden below the bottom and you could not get to it? Well try Ctrl - to make the screen smaller until the entire page is view-able. I have had to use this a number of times.

Those three buttons on the top of a window are also pretty useful. The one on the left looks like a minus sign. It is the minimize button. Clicking it removes the window from the desktop without closing the application. A button remains on the taskbar (the bar that has the  tart menu on the left and extends all the way to the right of the screen where the time is displayed) so you can click it later to restore the window to the desktop.

The button with the X is the Close button. Clicking it removes the window from the desktop and the taskbar. It closes the application.

The square is the maximize button. Clicking it make the widow take up the entire desktop. Many like to view their widows this way. However, it does not allow you see the other windows that are open because this one hides the others. All are show on the taskbar. You can hold down the Alt key and tab the Tab key to scroll through a display of all the open applications. Letting go of both keys makes the window you were see on the scrolling display the active window.

When you are in maximize mode, the square changes to two overlapping squares. This mean you are in maximize mode. Clicking that button reduces the size of the window to a smaller size, a window that is resizeable by dragging any corner or edge. You can move that smaller widow around the desktop by dragging it's title bar.

Alternately you can double-click the title bar to toggle between maximize and restore sizes.

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