Thursday, November 14, 2013

HTML Basics and More

Good class today as we dug deep into Facebook questions. Also covered Blogs, AntiVirus programs, and Resizing photos. And we defined the "cloud" in different terms.

Click the Class Notes link to locate the Class Notes for today.

Next week we will touch on some basics of HTML. This is not about designing a Web site, but just to understand how to use some HTML code in some of the posting we do. Basic stuff and you can see the results right away in your browser.

Also had some want to know how to take a document and email to someone else. We used to have to take the document to someplace that had a fax machine and have them send it for us. Today we can scan it into our computer and email it instead. We will step by step see how to do that with the scanner I will bring with me to class. Should be fun.

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