Saturday, October 4, 2014

Class Summary 10-2-2014

Thanks to Ron, there was a great hands on demonstration on using EaseUS ToDo backup. Ron backed up an edtire hard drive, installed an empty drive replacing the backed up one, and then used the backup file to restore the system to the new drive. This simulated recovering from a hard drive crash.

I took the second half of the class and we discussed a number of topics. Here is what I remember:

Member going overseas and wondering how to get into email when in another country. The Internet is global. It does not matter where we are located as long as we have a connection. The way to access all our websites including our email is the same as if we were home. So if you go to or or our or the address would be the same whereever you find yourself.

We then looked at Facebook to see how to change notifications so they are not automatically send to our email. On our page we pull down the arrow in the upper right of our screen and choose Settings. Then on the left we select Notifications. On the top of the list is a section called How You Get Notifications. I chose not to receive any by email.

Then we descussed the difference between posting to someones page as apposed to messaging them. Everyone they are friends with and sometimes the public can see what you post on their page. Only them can see what you put in a message. Simply put, Post is public and messaging is private.

When you setup gmail you have the option of adding your other emails like AOL or Yahoo, etc. You give Google your credentials (user name and password) for each and gmail is set to fetch your mail from those services. Another method is to go to your email service like Yahoo and set it to auto forward all you received mail to your gmail or another service.

If you use the new Outlook that comes with Windows 8.x you can set it to fetch as well and it sets up individual inboxes for each service you use, You can do the same with a free application called Thunderbird

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