Thursday, December 3, 2015

Class Summary 12-3-2015

Reminded everyone of the Fall Update for Windows 10 that is coming down. It is a 3gb update so it will take a while for you to receive it. When you do get it, you will be asked to install it. Before you do make sure your computer is on and connected. I suggest having it run in the nighttime so it will be done when you awake. Also, it might be a good idea to do a back first.

If you want to see what version you currently are running--the current build, Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog box. Type WINVER and press Enter. When you have completed the Fall Update the build will be 1511.

I ran into some issues using Microsoft Movie Maker this morning. When I ran it my sound stopped working. I had to reboot to get it back. Turns out that program needed to be run in compatibilty mode. In other words Windows has to be fooled to think it is an older version. To do so you need to locate the .exe file for the program, right-click and choose Properties.

Click the Compatability tab. Check the Run this program… box and then choose the OS needed. In my case that was Windows 7. If the program you need to run this way ran fine under 7, choose 7. Otherwise choose an older version--all the way back to Windows 95! Might be good for running old games that no longer work under 10.

I was asked about organizing bookmarks. In the address bar of Chrome enter chrome://bookmarks/ This will open the bookmark manager in Google Chrome. If you are using a different browser there are ways to get to its bookmark manager as well and it will work similarly.

Click the folder your want to add a folder to, then right-click and Add folder.

Name the folder

Open the folder that has the files you want to add to your new folder. Then point and drag each file or group of files to the new folder. Can also use Cut and Paste.

Then we looked at how to remove the login password in Windows 8-10. Here is a copy what it says on

If you don't want to enter your password every time you sign in, you can create other sign-in options to use with your account, like a picture password or a PIN. If your PC has a fingerprint scanner, you can also sign in with a fingerprint. (Whichever sign-in option you choose, you still need a "regular" password in place to use a Microsoft account.)

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search.

(If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click Search.)

Enter sign, and then tap or click Change sign-in options.

Choose the sign-in option you'd like to use, and then follow the instructions.

You can also change password policy so that you don't need to enter your password each time you wake the PC from sleep. On the Sign-in options page, under Password policy, tap or click Change, and follow the instructions.

I demonstrated a website where you can test an email address to be sure it is a valid address:tools

Then we looked at the answer to a question that was raised the other night at the club meeting: How To Disable or Stop Desktop Background (Wallpaper) Syncing In Windows 8.1

And we finished with an easy way to keep all kinds of lists and share them with someone else: Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Whether you're planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list with a partner or managing multiple work projects, .

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