Friday, January 15, 2016

Class Summary 1-14-2016

Google Photos allows you to upload all your photos to an unlimited secure cloud. All you need is a Google account (does not have to be a gmail address). When you set up your free Google account you will have 15gb of free storage on Google Drive. There is an app for your smartphone that will automatically send the pictures you take to your Google drive. Access them at One thing to note: the storage in the photo cloud is free only if you let the photos be resized on the way up to the cloud. The resulting size is still large enough for a nice 8X10 print, but not the 3-5mb file size of the original. If you do not let them do that then the pictures end up in your free 15gb area.

Using browser tabs means you do not have to close one website to open another. Simply click the blank “square” to the right of the current tab and a new tab will open for you to search the web and open another website.

You can have as many tabs open as you wish. To close a tab, click the x on the right side of the tab.

Searching the class blog site is easy if you use this trick. In the browser address bar enter the name of the thing you are looking for. Let’s look for every article that contains the word reflect which is the image backup software we use.

reflect results in the following search results. The word site: tells the browser to only look at the site name that follows. If you want to search all of a certain top level domain such as all government sites you would enter

I only showed you the first 3 of the six. Click on each individually to “find” the day’s notes containing the word reflect. Let’s click on the second one.

This is the top of those notes. To find where the word reflect is found, use Ctrl+F. This brings up a search box. Enter the word reflect and it will take your right to the places it is found.

We talked about using Dropbox to store files in the cloud. It is free for the first 2gb of space. You and I get a bonus when you use this link to download it. Whatever you copy to your Dropbox you can then download to your computer or even share it with someone else. Easier than attaching a number of files to an email. Just create a folder in your Dropbox and upload your files to share into it. Share the folder and whoever you send the link to can download them or just look at them. They cannot change them on your Dropbox. Although you can install Dropbox on your PC and have any files you save in that folder traumatically sync to the Dropbox in the cloud, I do not suggest it. Simply go to a browser and open dropbox, sign in to your account and upload and download files. Here is the download link,

I demonstrated how to use Photostory to build simple but impressive slide shows in a few clicks of the mouse. You can download it at

I was asked how I created the cartoon character of me. I used a site called fiverr and hired someone for $5 to take an image file of me and create the cartoon. It took a couple of days to get it done, but it was a great job. For $5 you can get lots of different things done. Check it out.

A few months ago we demonstrated how to speak to your computer and have it type for you. You do that in Google docs. Open a new document in Google Docs and select Tools > Voice Typing. Now just talk into your microphone and what you say is type for you. Cool.

Ctrl + - 0 are nice shortcuts to remember. When you have a browser open use Ctrl + to magnify the screen, Ctrl - to make it smaller, and Ctrl 0 to bring it back to its normal size. Try it.

Prish Image Resizer is what I use to resize a photo or a group of photos before sending them by email or even uploading to Facebook. Smaller images move much faster through cyberspace. And most email sites have a limit on how large your attachments are. You simply right click on a picture or a group of them. One of the options will be to Resize with Prish Image Resizer.

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