Saturday, December 10, 2016

Class Summary 12-8-2016

Put those key tags for all those stores on your phone Get stocard… works on iPhone and Android. Get those pesky reward cards off your keychain. Mine was very thick with them.

US Debt Clock is an interesting page, but scary when you see how much we are in debt in this country of ours. And how fast it is adding up as we watch the screen.

Remember Walkie-talkies? Well now you can have one using your cell phone. Many have used CB radios in the past to communicate between two cars. Today we probably use our cell phones, but that requires an open phone call. This free app turns your cell phone into a walkie-talkie that can communicate world wide as long as there is cell service or WiFi.

Keep tabs on family. After installing the new Google app on your Android phone, you can flag some of your contacts as "trusted." Then you'll be able to send your location to a trusted contact or ask for their location. The whole app is built around the "emergency" use case, complete with a dead man's switch for location requests. When someone asks for your location, you'll get a full screen pop up allowing you to approve or deny the request. You only have five minutes to do this, though—after five minutes, your location will be shared automatically. The idea is that if you're unable to use your phone, your trusted contacts will still be able to find you.

This All-In-One System Rescue Toolkit. This free All-In-One System Rescue Toolkit Automatically Repairs Your PC, but it is not for everyone. This might be a “techie” toolkit...

Netflix Downloads. Download and Go. Once you update the app and login to Netflix, you’ll see the Download & Go screen. Click on Find Something to Download, select an option and then click the download icon to download that show to your device. Now grab those headphones and watch in the waiting room, on the train to work, in an airplane – all free from data charges.

NETPLWIZ is the program to run to remove the need to enter your password when you turn on your Windows 10 computer. It does not remove your password, just automatically puts it in for you. From the Run box (Win+R) type NETPLWIZ and press Enter. At the next screen uncheck the box. When you Apply it, you will have to enter your current password. Next reboot and you will no longer have to enter it.

Password protect a Word document. At the Save As screen click Tools > General Options, then at the next screen enter the password you would like to use to open it the next time.

OneTab is an extension that remembers all the tabs you have open. When you open the browser again you get to restore all or some of them. Makes remembering where you left off easier and your browser starts up quickly.

If you don’t want Google Chrome to save a record of what you visit and download, you can browse the web privately in Incognito mode. Read the details here…

Adblock is another extension that will block ads on webpages for you. As you can see, it has blocked over 51,000 for me so far.

You can display multiple screens by resizing them to both fit next to each other and this is sometimes referred to as a split screen. If you drag one window to the right as far as it will go, Windows 10 will make it fit on the right half of the screen. Then drag the other windows to the left as far as it will go and it will be resized to fit on the other half.

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