Thursday, February 16, 2017

Class Summary 2-16-2017

One of our members was wearing her smartphone and everyone was interested in it. It is called a Smartphone Lanyard Necklace

Password Checker was something we talked about last year and harold mentioned it again in his January talk on passwords. Here is the link.

Find My Friends allows you to track someone by their cell phone. You need their permission.

Filter Your News Feed by adding this neat applicaiton

British TV streamed for $5 a month

Yes, Kodi on Windows 10 is easy to do to download the installer and then a YouTube video that tells you how to a full featured addon

12 powerful websites that can replace your PC's desktop software. Great idea, but the links do not work yet.

Direct TV with no dish or boxes and a free Amazon Firestick

Build your own Simple and Free Website. To keep it active you have to log into it at least once a month

Verizon safety net is something I talked about last week and forgot to include. It takes over when you use up all your 4GLTE data on your cell phone dropping you down to 4G unlimited.

Best Cell Phone Apps 2016 is an article with 50 interesting apps to try

Windows 10 Ads & Notifications shows you how to stop some of those annoying popups right in Window 10

Set Up Acquaintances in Facebook so you avoid see most of their newsfeeds and can remove them from seeing your posts without unfriending them

The safest ways to lend someone your Android phone is to setup a guest account that you switch your phone to first. Then they do not have access to your apps and passwords.

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