Friday, June 2, 2017

Class Notes 6-1-2017

Turn your cell phone into a professional camera using this app on it. Instead of just pointing and shooting, you can adjust all the settings like your phone camera was one of those expensive SLR ones.

Edit your pictures right on your cell phone. Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. Better than the one that comes with your phone, it even lets you wipe out portions of the image and automatically fills in the space to be like adjacent area. Very easy to use.

Another App for the Fire Stick instead of Kodi. As we know, Kodi allows you to see everything on your TV using the Amazon Firestick. By everything we mean live TV, movies, TV shows, sport events, etc. This is another app you can load instead of Kodi, which is a little difficult to install, and wee the same type of things.

Launch Google Chrome Automatically at Startup or any other program. This will make it much easier to set up a computer for someone who is not that tech savy. When they turn on their computer it will just go to the program you have set it for. If that is Google Chrome, instead of the desktop, they will already be in Chrome. Set the starting tabs to those they like and they are all set to use their computer without being concerned with the start button, double clicking on the desktop icons, etc.

Home - New Tab Page
A homepage you will fall in love with! Notifications, badges, recently closed tabs, quick notes and more. Also great for the not too tech savy. Actually I am using it, too.

Opera Adds Social Media, Other Features In New Release. Opera is one the polular browsers out there along with Chrome and Firefox. I use Chrome as my primary. Opera has some new features that you might like. It also is free.

Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living (Thanks Donna). A 700+ page book with all you want to know and more. The page is primitive, but gives you links to view sections of the book for free or a link to order the book.

Set Windows Defender Antivirus blocking to high on Windows 10. It seems that Defender has some hidden features that are not turned on by default. This article explains what they are and how to take advantage of them

Backup Windows and Office Activation tokens
The main purpose of the program is to restore the activation tokens after you install Windows anew, run into activation issues after the system activated successfully, or restore backups.

A beginner's tutorial to hosting websites in GNU/Linux. In other words, a way to create a file server at your house to host your own and other’s web sites.

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