Thursday, September 7, 2017

Class Notes 9-7-2017

WizTree: fastest large file finder for Windows

Novabench: Windows benchmark software

17 Really Cool Google Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

If you google Google Gravity in your smart phone, the screen will begin falling.
And it will make the words in the screen in Windows to fall also.
Also, Google backwards (elgoog) and you will be put in a backwards Google search engine

Secret games are hidden on Facebook

7 games hidden in Google

Walkie Talkie App
Push the button for instant, radio-style talk on any Wi-Fi or data plan. Look for me as K1CVP

9v battery to charge cell phone

USB Headset

Backups by Dick Evans a white paper on doing backups in Windows

In addition to my own research, I want to give thanks to Harold at the Club, Newsletter, and for the useful ideas we take a look at each week.

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