Friday, February 2, 2018

Class Notes 2-1-2018

Point out the difference in USB ports. The black ones are for USB 1/2 and the blue ones are for USB 3. The higher the number the faster the port and data transfer speed. If you are plugging in the dongle for a wireless mouse to the wires for a keyboard or mouse, use the black (or white on older PC’s). Leave the blue ones for devices that are designed for high speed. Do aste the port on a slower device.

Someone asked how to make their Windows 10 PC boot without asking for a password. Windows needs a password. However there is a way to have it remember the password and have you log it in automatically. In the Type here to search box, type NETPLWIZ and hit the Enter key. This is what comes up:

Uncheck the Use this list… checkbox.

Click OK and OK

The next time you turn out your PC it will grab the password you set and not have you enter it by hand. However, write down the password as you may need it in the future.

If you would like to restart your PC in safe mode, the old F8 at boot does not work. At the Type here to search box type MSCONFIG and press the Enter key to bring up the System Configuration screen.

Open the Boot tab, then check the Safe boot checkbox and then click OK. The next time you start up the PC will start in Safe mode. When you are done using Safe mode, run MSCONFIG again and uncheck the box.

The many faces of Outlook. What do you use for email, you ask. Outlook. Is it the outlook that is part of Windows?

Or is it the outlook that is part of Windows Live?

Or is it the Outlook that is part of Microsoft Office?

They are different, but all can access your mail from wherever they are stored. The later gets your email from your server like Comcast, Embarq, Hotmail, AOL, etc and places it on your PC as .pst files. Once retrieved from your mail server they are on your PC and you do not need to be on the Internet to view them.

The first one is a program on your PC that allows you to access the mail from the cloud. You choose where it finds it and give outlook your credentials from all the places you use for mail servers (comcast, embarq, aol, etc). Your mail stays in the cloud.

The middle one is a web service through your Microsoft account. Like the first one, it displays your mail stored in the cloud. For personal email (not business) this is the one I recommend. All your mail is in the Microsoft cloud and accessible from anywhere.

I prefer to use the webmail from Yahoo or Google. Nothing is on my computer; all email is in the cloud and I can access it on any computer or cell phone with my sign on credentials.

Here is another good article on Outlook:

How do I backup my Hotmail or mail?

Spent most of the class looking at how to build a movie with sound using an old Microsoft program called Photo Story 3. Install it on your PC and Create a New Story. Here is a good paper on how to use it step-by-step. There is even a YouTube video on it at

Then we looked at how to do an image search in Google.

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