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Class Summary 12-18-2018

Don't "check for updates" in Windows 10. If you select "check for updates", you may get pre-release updates that are none-security in nature, on stable versions of Windows. The only thing that you can do about it right now is to never-ever, click on "check for updates" in Windows.

Brave Browser is another way to access the Internet. It claims to be faster the. Chrome. You might want to check it out. And a couple of interesting search engines, not browsers, are Dogpile and Duckduckgo.

Surprise! Microsoft plans to make Microsoft 365 available to consumers. It looks like they are heading to a time when have to pay to use windows and office. Might be time to check out Linux Mint which is free. Find out more.abut it at

1809 Clipboard

On Windows 10 version 1809, you’re getting a new clipboard experience that leverages the Microsoft cloud to copy and paste content across devices.

The experience works just like before, using the Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste.

Windows key + V keyboard shortcut that allows you to see your clipboard history. In addition, the experience includes a button to clear all your history, or enable the feature if it’s currently disabled.

Using the new experience, you can also paste anything that is listed in the history, and you can pin items for things you paste all the time.

The new clipboard also brings a new settings page in the System section that allows you to customize many aspects of the experience.

1808 Display

A new section called Make text bigger, which now includes the controls to increase text size across the system including Microsoft Store apps and classic (win32) applications.

1898 Snip & Sketch

Windows 10 is introducing a new snipping experience that combines the old Snipping Tool with Screen Sketch (formerly part of the Windows Ink Workspace) into a single modern experience called “Snip & Sketch,” which uses the modern app design that we continue to see on Microsoft Store apps.

Using this new experience brings a few additional benefits, including a single experience to take screenshots. The app receives updates using the Microsoft Store. It’ll show up in Task View. You can set the window size to be your preferences, and it even supports multiple windows.

Some of the new features includes the ability to quickly snip and share a screenshot using the Win + Shift + S, which now brings the snipping toolbar with all the basic tools you need.

In the “Keyboard” settings page, you’ll see a new option that says “Use the Print Screen key to launch screen snipping,” enabling this option lets you bring up the new snipping tool pressing the Print Screen button.

Finally, Action Center gains a new Screen snip button that let you also get a quick access to the new snipping experience.

1809 Notepad

Notepad is getting an update to support Unix/Linux line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR). The find and replace dialog now includes a new option to do wrap around search. The note-taking app will now remember previously entered values and the state of checkboxes and automatically populate them the next time you open the find dialog.

Additionally, when you have text selected and open the find dialog Notepad now automatically populates the search field with the selected text.

Under the View menu, and new Zoom option has been added to zoom in and out on a text document. The current zoom level is now displayed in the status bar.

You can also use Ctrl + Plus, Ctrl + Minus and Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out and use Ctrl + 0 to restore the zoom level to the default.

In addition, Notepad now supports the ability to display line and column numbers when word-wrap is enabled in the new status bar, and you can use Ctrl + Backspace to delete the previous word you type.

If you need to research a word, you can now select the text, click Edit, and use the new “Search with the Bing” option (Ctrl + E) to research the word using Microsoft Edge.

To check which version of windows you have installed press Win + R, type Winver, press Enter. The latest is 1809. 1803 is ok. Just wait for 1809 to come down on its own. If your machine does not line up with the requirements for 1899 it will not be updated. Some issues with certain processors and video chips.

How to pin to taskbar. On the desktop right- click the icon you want to place on the taskbar. Select pin to taskbar. Or you can just drag the icon to the taskbar.

Move a picture to a flash drive. Locate the picture on the hard drive in File Explorer. Right-click the file name. Then select to move it to the name of the inserted flash drive.

Install HP printer on new machine. When you get a new PC the printer you had in the old one might not be recognized on the nee one. Open a browser and go to Select support and then software. It will ask you for the name of the printer. Then download the installation software and run it.

Amazon Prime prints for 9 cents each. This makes it simple to send pictures to all your friends with free shipping think 100 pictures will call $9.00 and will be delivered in 2 days free. is an extension for Chrome that will check not only your spelling but grammar as well.

Build a rescue disk for your image backup whenever you upgrade to a new version of EaseUS or Macrium. The new rescue disk or USB flash drive will read the backups made with an older version as well.

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