Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Computer Club Notes 4-23-2019

Down To Basics

Right click on the desktop

Display settings bring you to a place to change the size of display and more

Personalize gets you to change themes and backgrounds

Changing the Background

Changing the Theme

The Start Menu

(Left) click on the windows button or Ctrl+Esc

Removing and Adding Tiles

Right Click on the time and Unpin to remove it, Resize to change its size

Searching for Installed Programs

To the left of the tiles, scroll the list of programs to locate the one you want to run. To speed up the process, click one of the stand alone letters (A) to jump to a lettered group.

Type here to search to enter the name of the program and then Enter to run it. If you do not see the Type here… box, type Win+Q

What version of Windows 10 do I have?

Win+R and type WINVER and press Enter

Speedtest.net will tell you how fast your Internet service is. Century Link should be at least 5 Mbps. Comcast should be over 25 Mbps. If you use comcast.speedtest.net they keep track of your results.

AdBlock is a neat addition to your Chrome or FireFox browser. It stops most of those pesky ads from appearing on your screen. In Chrome click the menu button (three dots in upper right) then More tools then Extensions. In the upper left, click the Main Menu button next to the word Extensions. In the bottom left, click Open Chrome Web Store. In the upper left Search box type adblock and press the enter key. Then locate AdBlock (see above) and click it’s Add To Chrome button.

Where did I save that file? Open File Explorer and look in Quick Access. It shows the recently used files with the most current on top. Where it was saved is shown to the right of the file name.

Win+E to open another instance of File Explorer. Then you can easily move files or folders from one location to another.

Open Task manager
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Right-Click taskbar and select Task manager
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task manager
Disable Startup Items
Open Task manager and click the Startup tab

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