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Computer Class Notes 9-24-2020

Video of the class:

Nice Article About CCCGC

How does one Mirror Live Video from Android Cell Phone to Large TV?
You can stream your Android phone or tablet screen to a TV through screen mirroring, Google Cast, using a third-party app, or linking it with a cable.

How to Move a Window to Another Virtual Desktop
If you often use virtual desktops in Windows 10 to manage your workspaces, you might find that keeping track of windows between them can sometimes be a hassle. Luckily, Windows makes it easy to move windows between virtual desktops. Here’s how.

Microsoft Bob Remembered
Microsoft Bob was a Microsoft software product that was released on March 11, 1995, and discontinued in early 1996. Upon release, Microsoft Bob was criticized in the media and did not gain wide acceptance with users, which resulted in its discontinuation.

Update 2004 And Windows.old
installing update 2004 will create a Windows.old folder in the root of your system (C) drive.

WinCustom to disable various options in Windows
WinCustom is a freeware tool that lets you disable many features that are available in Windows.

Repurpose Your Old Gadgets
Tech is constantly being outdated, and because of that, you might have a small gadget graveyard building up in your house somewhere. But before you get rid of it, let’s go over some cool stuff you can do with those dated pieces of tech.

Buy and sell directly with other users. Cutting out the middleman means you join a community market with the best prices and highest value. A safe, friendly marketplace with no junk, fewer fees.
  • PayPal Protection
  • Free Shipping
  • No Junk, No Jerks

Transform Photos Into Art
FotoSketcher can easily and quickly transform your photos into works of art with just a few mouse clicks



Here is the example from class

Facebook Market Place Away
When you are out of your local area (snowbirds or on vacation) the Marketplace you see on Facebook is your local area one. Even if I am in KY, for example, I get into my Facebook page and all the buying and selling is for Port Charlotte (my local, different for yours).

You need to do a Facebook search for the area you want to buy/sell.

If I were in our KY home, I would search for that area.

Then I scroll down to locate the various groups in that area. Here is one that should work.

It is a private group but I can simply click to Join Group to become part of it.

This one is a Public Group and might be better for me.

It has 31.7K members and should help me sell some things when I am in KY or perhaps point me to some interesting finds.

Inkscape To Sharpen Pictures
The design process may begin by doodles on a napkin, a sketched mindmap, a photo of a memorable object, or a mockup in software that really wouldn't work to complete the project. Inkscape can take you from this stage to a final, professional-grade design format that is ready for publication on the web or in physical form.

ITVRUS to get TV channels

And thanks to Bob for sharing about the app you have on your Firestick to access over 4,000 channels for $40 a year

Table of Contents in Google Docs
Adding a table of contents (TOC) to a Google Doc is a great way to organize a long document and add easy navigation, as you can click on each heading to go straight there. You can edit the table of contents and add more items as well as move them around. There are five levels of headings so that you can add subsections to subsections for complex documents.

Wo Mic To Use Cell Phone As A Mic
Thanks, Mary for the work on this one. WO Mic can turn your phone to be a microphone for your computer. You need not pay a cent to buy any gadget. And it's mobile if you choose wireless transport. Millions of people have installed it and are using it daily for talking, recording, voice remote control, and many other activities.

How To Make A Shortcut For A Website On The Desktop

Have the website open

Ctrl+L to select the URL

Point to the selected URL and drag it to the desktop

A new shortcut appears on your desktop. You can right-click it and rename it if you would like. The icon is the icon for your default browser. Whenever you double-click on that new shortcut on your desktop that website will open in a browser window.

We talked about this back in June and the following is an alternate approach:

Create an icon on the desktop that will open a website directly.

  1. Open Chrome to the website
  2. Click the three vertical dots upper right
  3. Click More tools
  4. Click Create shortcut
  5. Name the shortcut
  6. Click OK

You can right-click it and rename it if you would like.

Change An Icon On The Desktop

You can change the icon for any shortcut on the desktop. You will need a .ico image. Sometimes you can use one already in Windows but let’s look at locating one of you choose on the Internet.

Go to and search for the icon you would like to use.

Let’s look for a US flag

Click the one you would like to use

Click ICO to download it to your computer

Save it in a place you will remember. I saved it in my Downloads folder.

Right-click the icon you want to change, then click Properties

Click Change Icon

Browse to the folder containing your downloaded icon, click it to select it, and then Open.

Click OK.

Click Apply, then Cancel.

And the icon now shows the Flag.

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