Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Notes about last evenings meeting 2-4-2014

The notes from the meeting presentation can be found on the class notes page; see link above.

The items that seemed to spark the most interest were bulk emailing using a s ervice such MailChimp, the simple program to clean up an email before sending called EmailSTRIPPER, and using an email alias to lesson the number of unwanted emails resulting from giving out your email address on web sites.

Get started with MailChimp at
Locate EmailSTRIPPER at

An email alias is another email address you use for a specific purpose. Yahoo and Gmail let you set them up. They are just another address that is yours,  but when someone mails you at that alias address it is sent to your primary address. You can then set up a filter to send those emails to a folder you designate for them. Perhaps JUNK. If your email does not allow an alias you can just sign up for a second email from them or someone else. Then set that email to auto forward to your primary address and then filter the same way.

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