Thursday, January 30, 2014

Class Summary 1-30-2014

We started off looking at Ubuntu, a non-Windows operating system. Got an old computer that has XP and you do not want to take it up to Windows 8, or it will not take it? Or do you have a lot of hard disk space on your new computer? Well you can try Ubuntu by installing it alongside Windows and choose when you turn on your computer which one to boot to.

It has a nice clean UI (user interface) and comes bundled with Firefox, OpenOffice, and a number of other free applications. Works like Windows but does NOT run Windows programs. Use it for your word processing and spreadsheets. Use it to surf the net and even do your email without having to worry about a virus. Use it alongside your Windows computer to do your surfing and keep your Windows computer to do your banking and serious stuff off line.

You can download the ISO file and burn it to a CD. Then boot from that CD and try it out without even having to install it. Here is the link:

We discussed three free methods to building a blog and created a demo blog using the Google application at Here is the site we built: Find the class notes by clicking on the Class Notes link above.

Then we looked at to see how to resize and crop and edit a picture from the Web or on your hard drive. And we placed that picture in an email to send. Also showed how to take pictures and text from Facebook and put it in and email or paste it into a word document for saving or printing.

If you can recall another topic we touched on let me know so I can add it here.

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