Thursday, January 16, 2014

Class Summary 1-16-2014

It was a good group today with 24 in attendance! Room is getting small. LOL. It did look a little like a command center with my 3 laptops, router, modem, printer, and projector all on that one table. All the notes can be downloaded from the link above for Class Notes. Those are the notes for the first hour's presentation on Basic Networking. Hope they help and remember you can always email me for assistance.

We covered a lot of other questions and I will try to recap them, at least what I can recall. If you think of something I need to add please let me know and I will add it.

First, note the new link in the upper right of this blog to request to be notified by email whenever something is posted on this blog. I post from time to time during the week.

Went back over stopping Facebook from sending all those pesky emails whenever anything happens. You open the Notifications area and say you do not want them. Easy as that. If you want to remove yourself from Facebook you can do that either by deactivating your account or permanently deleting it. go here to find out more

We looked at AOL mail and figured out how to change the default Font size for emails. Also talked about spam and how it is not a good idea to unsubscribe from unwanted emails from places you do not know. Just the fact that you answered it by clicking unsubscribe validates your email to them and you might just get a lot more emails. Better to report it as spam or even block their email address.

We also talked about sending emails to large groups of recipients. This is not a good idea using your email carrier. They count how many emails you send in a month and if you are over their limit, they can shut you down as a potential spammer! Instead use a email service such as the free one from I use that one to send the emails about the classes each week. If you forward that email to others and they scroll down to the bottom and click unsubscribe they unsubscribe you from the email list. If you want to forward it either (1) scroll down and remove the unsubscribe link or better yet (2) use the forward this email link on the email.

I mentioned again that if you have Windows 8, go to the App store and install 8.1. It is a free upgrade for now. But it does take a few hours to download and install. So be patient. Not sure if you have it yet? Press Windows+Pause to open the Systems window.

This is what mine looks likes.

And you should go to and download and install it on your Windows 8/8.1 computer. It brings back the Start Menu on the desktop and when your system boots it boots to the desktop instead of the Start Screen. You can return to the Start Screen at any time by pressing Shift+Windows. And when you are at the Start Screen you can get back to the desktop by tapping the Windows key.

This is what it looks like on my 8.1 desktop:

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