Thursday, January 9, 2014

Open Forum Notes 1-9-2014

Hard to remember all we talked about today. I know we spent a good deal of time answering questions about Facebook.

It started with a question about who can see what when you post something. And that has to do with how you set up your privacy and the fact that you can change that decisions with each post you make, for that post.

Public means anyone who wanders onto your Facebook page can see the post.
Friend means that only those you have friended are able to see them. You can even specify who can or can't see the post bu individual or groups of persons.

Then we showed how to create an album of pictures and how to upload images from your computer into it. Looked at the facial recognition piece of Facebook and talked abut uploading large images bu checking the box or leaving it unchecked and letting Facebook resize them.

Then we talked about tagging photos you have uploaded so the picture matches the name of one of your friends on Facebook. And about tagging pictures that do not include a friends picture just so it appears on their page.

Also looked at Notifications and how I have turned all of my Email notifications off so my email is not overwhelmed with an email every time anyone interacts with my Facebook.

I was asked about moving a partition from an external drive which led to a description of what a partition is and why we might use them. I suggested using the partition software free from the makers of Easeus Todo Backup. See:

Talked about backing up in the cloud and some of the sites available to do that as well as using backup software (Acronis or Easeus ToDo Free) to create a System image on an external drive. I use Mozy an iDrive to auto-backup all my changed files everyday. I do my image backup once a month. If my system crashed I restore it to the last image and then go to my cloud backup and restore the latest version of the data.

I do not use my cloud backup to store all my photos. I upload them to Flickr, Picasa Web, Facebook, Shapfish, or another cloud storage area. Unlike Mozy or iDrive, these have to uploaded by hand. Other places available for cloud storage for free are Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows Live, and others.

If you want to try Mozy: use code GFBU22

If you can remember something else we touched on let me know and I will add to this post.

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