Thursday, January 23, 2014

Class Summary 1-23-2014

Check the link above for the class notes on today's talk about creating a slideshow from and album of pictures.

In addition we covered a number of other topics which I will attempt to summarize here.

The first was a question about how to add titles to a word processing document that had 3 columns. the short answer was that you cannot. But a better approach is to insert a table that has 2 rows and 3 columns. The first row would be used for the titles for each of the columns and the second row to contain the data you want to separate into columns.

Then we discussed how to download and update many useful programs using a site named Then software you install with this helpful site download and installs with not intervention on your part at all AND you don't get extra programs or toolbars installed because you missed a questions for two.

Also talked about a couple of nice cloud backup software from Mozy and iDrive. Here are the links. They are both free for a limited amount of space, but not all that expensive for unlimited. I have used Mozy to restore files when one of my computers crashed last year.

Backup in the Cloud; use code GFBU22
Another cloud backup

Either one will give you free space and by using the link and code give me some extra as well.

And we discussed the free disk space in the cloud available using DropBox. Whatever you place in your dropbox you can access from anywhere by signing into your account. You can share files and even folders with others by sending them a link address created in your dropbox. Great way to keep your pictures in the cloud and to send others a link to them instead of trying to upload them through email. If you install dropbox on your smartphone, then ever time you take a picture it will be automatically uploaded to your dropbox. And you can install dropbox on  your computer and it will keep a copy of all your dropbox files on your computer and automatically sync it to your cloud storage.

Drop Box:

Please use the above link to create your free dropbox and it will give me some extra free space as well.

Then we talked about resizing pictures using a free program called Prish Resizer. Simply right click on a picture or a group of pictures, choose the size you want, and a resize folder is created for you with the pictures resized to the size you requested. A great way to take those 2-5 mb images and turn them into much smaller images sutible for sending by email.


We also talked about as a way to bring your applciations (the ones that offer a portable version of their software) with you on a USB flash drive.

Attempted at the end of class to demo Ubuntu, a free operating system that is NOT Microsoft Windows. But it was taking too long to install. Will bring it pre installed for another time.

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