Friday, May 2, 2014

Future Plans

I will be having a class on the 15th of May, God willing. Will be looking at a few backup options for the first part of class.

The week after I will have another focus. Not sure what yet. I have been looking at a number of things such as Windows Movie Maker, Prezi, Abiword, RealPlayer Cloud with 2gb of free storage, and more.

We have looked at PhotStory 3 in the past. MovieMaker is a little more involved allowing you to do more with your movie clips and your individual images.

Prezi is an online presentation app to use instead of PowerPoint or its equivalent. My 8 year old granddaughter showed me this one!

Abiword is a small but powerful word processing application that resides on your PC. Has all the features you would like and saves and reads Microsoft Word documents. Yes, it has a spell checker.

RealPlayer Cloud lets you store your videos on their server for free (2gb) and play them on your PC's, phones, and tablets.

CU on the 15th!

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