Friday, December 19, 2014

Class Summary 12-18-2014

We spent time today going over some real basics of using Windows desktop.

There are two buttons on a mouse--left and right. Whenever you are told to click it is expected that you click the left one, or left-click. When you are asked to right-click, click the right button. The left click is used to open what you are clicking; perhaps an application or file icon, a link on a webpage, or a button on a dialog box. Right-clicking opens a list of options regarding what you are pointing to with the mouse.

When trying to open an application icon on the desktop, double left-click is required. And the two clicks have to be on the exact same spot on the screen. You can also click once to select the item and then press the enter key on the keyboard. By going to the Control Panel > Mouse you can change the size of the mouse pointer (the arrow) and change other ways the mouse works like swapping left and right buttons for left handed users.

Right-click on the desktop and choose View to change the size of the icons on the screen. Choose sort to arrange them on the screen. Choose Screen Resolution to modify the “size” of the screen, the number of pixels and therefore the quality of the content. Choose Personalize to change the color scheme, add background pictures and slideshows, and include a screen saver image or slideshow.

Some shortcuts were discussed. When there are multiple keys on the keyboard to be pressed, they are not to be pressed at the same time. Hold down all but the last key, then tap the last key and release all.

Ctrl+Alt+Del opens a windows that allows you many options including Sign Out and Task Manager. You can also open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Win+Pause opens the System window. Alt+F4 closes the focused window. Ctrl+P open a print dialog window.

Was asked about the print screen key on the keyboard. It no longer sends what is on the desktop screen to the printer directly. That was under DOS man years ago. Today it stores the image of the desktop in the Windows clipboard. You cannot see it there, but know it is. Open an application like Paint, Word, etc. When you click Paste or press Ctrl+V the image appears in that program. And Alt+Print Screen only captures the focused window and not the entire screen.

And I know we talked about other things, but I cannot remember the details. Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve. See you at the first meeting of 2015 on Tuesday evening, 1-6-2015 and at our next class on the 8th.

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