Friday, January 30, 2015

Class Summary 1-29-2015

In addition to talking about some programs that come with Windows like
Notepad, Calc, Wordpad, and Paint (see class notes) we covered a number of topics including the following:

How to allow cookies and why. Cookies are left by programs you use and web sites you frequent. Most are good and used to save your info for those programs/sites. When you run cleanup programs like cccleaner, the bad cookies, if any, are removed.

How to install ad block To browser. Ad Blocker stop advertisements from showing on web pages you go to. A great example is We use it to see what speed your internet connection is running at. But there are 12 adds on that page! Ad Blocker stops them from displaying in the window. In chrome click the tools button in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose settings. Choose extensions. Then search for Ad Blocker and install it.

Printing an email depends on the email carrier you are using and the program to access the mail itself. Ctrl+P will open the print dialogue box, but what prints varies from program to program. I think the safest way to print what you want is to select that portion of the email and copy/paste it to wordpad, then print from there.

Multiple browser screens. If you do not want to have to tab to a different web page in your browser, you can drag the tab of the window and it will open a second browser window with that page on it. You can then view them side by side if you wish.

Multiple Word screens. In Word, go to the View ribbon and you can select to view multiple.

Antenna for off the air TV. Tired of paying so much for those 200+ channels and only wanting to view the local ones? Easy to fix that in our area. Just purchase an indoor TV antenna and connect it to the back of you TV where the cable connection is. Then let your TV scan for channels. Don’t be surprised when it find a dozen or more. No need for cable. You can get the local and national channels for free.

Comcast for 39.95 including tax and fees when you ask for basic basic. This gives you the internet at 3 mps which streams well for me. It used to include basic TV channels, but no longer does. OK for me as I can get some off the air and I use a Roku box for most programming I want to view. Also I use Netflix and Amazon movies.

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