Thursday, August 13, 2015

Class Summary 8-13-2015

We had a small group today, but great discussion on a number of topics answering questions and exploring some new areas. If you were not part of the class today, I hope you can sign on next week. When I am back in FL and doing the hands on classes at the club, I will also be on Hangouts live so those still away can be part of the class.

Google Chrome has a number of internal links. This one brings up a nice view of the Bookmark Manager. Give it a try by typing the following into your address bar in Chrome: chrome://bookmarks/#1

Malwarebytes is one of the maintenance programs we use to clean up malware from our PC. They have a new program, an anti exploit program. This works in the browser to check files you are opening in case they have harmful embedded code.

Download it at:

See detail description at:

Many use VLC to play videos and audio files. They have renamed their latest version to videolan. Here is a link to the download. FYI they have an app for iPhone or Android to play any format file unlike the app that comes with the smartphone that is limited to certain type of files.

Got windows 10? Then you also have Peer-to-peer updates. Turn them off. They allow others to get their Windows update files from you instead of the Microsoft servers. And you to get them from your neighbors as well. Here is an article that explains it.

Make File Explorer open This PC by default. When we click the File Folder in our taskbar a File Explorer opens, but I really want to see a “my computer” view. On Windows 8 or 10 this is now called “This PC”. This article shows you how easy it is to change the default to open the This PC screen instead.

MagicScroll Web Reader is an extension in Chrome that allows you to view the article on a website without having to view all the peripheral information like ads and other things on the page. This link should get you right to the extension add page.

I have been reading this article on “The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC”

I was asked about installing the Chrome OS on an old PC to turn it into a speedy Chromebook. Here is what we found:

We covered a lot more, but I cannot recall the details. One was how to change the program that automatically opens when you click on a file, such as a JPG file.

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