Thursday, August 6, 2015

Class Summary 8-6-2015

Wow what a difference using Hangouts instead of Skype. Five of us were present today and not one had any issues with speed. We could see each other, hear each other, and even share our screen with each other. Nothing to download and install. Just a quick link to open the hangout and you are in.

Some have installed the 10 upgrade and with no problems at all. The time to install varies with the speed of the download and the speed of the computer being upgraded. Other than having to wait for the install to finish, no issues were reported.

I talked about having to fax something today. I do not have a fax machine or a printer with a fax option so I looked online and found an extension for chrome that allows up to 5 pages per day for free. It worked great. And if your document is not on your computer you just have to scan it in or take a picture of it with your smartphone. Then you fax that document (pdf or jpg).

Send a free fax (up to 5 pages a day) extension for Google Chrome. FaxIt Nice

A few days ago one of our members asked how to get rid of the ads that appear on many websites. I use an ad blocker extension on chrome and also have one on firefox. So I wrote a white paper on how to install it.

How to add the AdBlock extension to chrome
CloneApp backs up software and all its settings, its folders, and it also digs through your registry to find associated files. CloneApp is a portable app, so download and extract it to a folder, start it up, choose the programs from your system that you want to keep, and hit “Backup”. Once it finishes, copy the entire CloneApp folder to a pen drive. It’ll be a pretty big folder, so make sure you have enough free space. Thanks Paul. This a great article on cloning programs.

Antivirus programs. What do you use? Well out of the five on hangouts today 3 use Defender that comes with Windows 8 and 10 for free. One uses Norton all the time. And the other is using the 180 day trial of Norton but will probably switch to Avast when the trial is over.

Defender works well and comes with Windows. It is an antivirus program not an anti-malware program or an addon to your browsers to check websites before you click on them. Avast does all those things just like Norton or McAfee, but for free. Avast also works with XP and Vista.

Do you have some movie clips you have taken on your digital camera or cell phone? Perhaps you would like to burn them to a CD or DVD to play them on your DVD player or to send to others so they can view them on their DVD player. This program takes most any format movie and lets you burn a DVD player compatible format CD or DVD. (if it fits on a CD you do not have to use a DVD)

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