Thursday, September 17, 2015

Class Summary 9-17-2015

We talked a little about Windows 10 and I showed the Start Menu as well as the Start Menu with Classic Shell. That addon works with Windows 7-10. I like it. I have the best of both worlds -- an interface I am comfortable with along with faster Window 10 and its new feature. And I can easily get right to the new Start Menu by pressing Shift+Windows. You can download it at: 

I brought in my Android smartphone from MEtroPCS. I showed how easy it is to turn your smartphone into a WiFi Hotspot. I turned off my WiFi access to Not Found and instead used the hotspot from my cell phone carrier and the difference in speed was not much. So when you are away from a secure WiFi connection and need access on your laptop just turn your cell phone into a hotspot and use it. It does use your data plan. Mine is unlimited everything for $30 a month no contract. lets you broadcast live from anywhere so others can share your experience as it is happening. Great for meetings, training sessions, church services, etc. And it is free. They also make the session available for 30 days after the event. is a free service to create greeting cards on line and share them with your email or social networks.

We looked at a new picture resizer program at thanks to one of the class members. You install it on your PC and can resize one or a group of pictures easily. What I have been using is Prish Resizer and the one feature it has that this new one does not is the ability to resize into a new folder called resized. You can download it at:

Then we talked about getting pictures off a cell phone. All you need to do is plug your cell phone into your PC with its charging cable. It is connected as an external drive like a USB flash drive. The folder DCIM holds your pictures. You can then drag them over to your PC. YOu can even delete them from your phone while you are looking at the files. Make sure you really did copy them because once you take them off the phone they are gone from that device.

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