Thursday, September 24, 2015

Class Summary 9-24-2015

Class was held remotely with help from Donna at the club office. Had a number of people at the club and one sign in online, plus me,
Program to allow transfer of programs from old computer to new one
Great note taking software -- Android App, iPhone App, and PC App. Type a note on your computer and you can view and edit it on your PC. Take a note on your smartphone and you can view and edit it on your PC. Free with ads for some many syncs a day.

One of the members talked about the app called Notes she uses on her cell phone to make her shopping list. Another one we have looked at before is Google Keep. It does a lot more than lists.

A good question on how to change the browser default page. When your browser opens (IE, Chrome, FireFox, etc) it open one or more tabs based on how you set it up. To change the websites that open in IE you go to settings and internet options. You will see a box with the current default(s). Change or add as many as you want, then apply the changes. Similar in Chrome; click the gear in the upper right and then settings. Easy way to make the change is to open the tabs in your browser that you want to use as the defaults first. Then go to settings and choose Use Current and apply it. Close the browser and then reopen it to see all those pages open.

Alt+Tab to pop up a snapshot view of open programs on the desktop. Keep Alt down and use Tab to scroll through them, Stop on the one you want to access and release both keys.

If you have a wireless printer that seems to drop off your network once in awhile, turn off the printer, wait a minute, then turn it back on. Your router will reissue an IP address to it and you should be up and running once again. Might be happening because the power goes out.

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