Friday, April 22, 2016

Class Summary 4-21-2016

Demonstration of Kodi programmed on the Amazon FireTV stick. The Firestick works like the Roku stick. You plug it into an HDMI port on the TV. Switch to that port and you need first to find a WiFi connection to use and enter the password to connect to it. Then you will need your Amazon user name and password.

There are thousands of movies, TV shows and channels to choose from. But, to use Netflix you need an account. If you have Amazon Prime you will have thousands of free movies and TV shows to choose from as part of your Prime package. Lots of other options to scroll through.

OneDrive review
Last week's blog covered OneDrive, but there was still some confusion. OneDrive is a folder on your PC on the hard drive. You can save files to it. They are on your PC just like all the other files you may have. When you do your image backup you are backing up the contents of the OneDrive folder as well. If you are logged into your Microsoft account, then anything you save in your OneDrive folder will be synced to your Microsoft cloud storage. This does not take it off of your hard drive. The cloud storage becomes a backup of your OneDrive folder.

Sharing Information a White Paper (see bottom of this summary)

Opera is an attractive option for left-behind Chrome users. Chrome is no longer supporting XP and a good replacement is Opera. Has a similar look and feel to Chrome.

Offline editing with Google Docs is something new. It enables you to work on a document in Google Docs and then when you are no longer on the Internet to be able to continue to work. When you are back online, the documents you were working on sync back to the cloud.

My favorite capture tool is not the Snipping Tool in Windows. That works but does not have the features of other programs both purchase and free. I have used MWSnap for years. When I want to capture something from the screen I press Ctrl+Shift+A and a small windows pops up (like a crosshair) and I draw a box around what I want to capture. Then I click to capture. I can then add other items to the capture like a mouse pointer and either save it as an image to my computer of just paste it into a document. (I have mine set to always place a copy on the clipboard.)


Sharing Information
By Dick Evans (

The Internet can make sharing information easy. But we've all run into roadblocks trying to share larger files. If you have tried to send a large number of photos or a large data file by email you may have been unable to. You attachments were too large.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to share large files like these. There are a number of Websites that will help. Each one has slightly different features. This paper will help you find one that fits your needs.

Dropbox —This service is a powerhouse in the digital world. It is incredibly versatile, and it's great for sharing files. Take your docs anywhere

Save files on your computer, then access them on your phone from the road. Everything you keep in Dropbox is synced automatically to all your devices. First 2gb free. Use this link or click above and get 2.25 instead while giving me extra, too.

WikiSend This service is designed for sharing smaller files. It limits you to 100-megabyte uploads. After you upload your files, you can share the link.

You can name your upload and set a password. You can also set how long the file is available for download. Your choices range from one to 90 days.

Senduit This service is much like WikiSend, However, there are fewer features. It has a 100MB upload limit. You get a link to share with family and friends. But there is no option to set a password.

You can control how long the file is active. You can make files available for up to one week. However, the minimum time limit can be as little as 30 minutes. Best for sharing medium-sized files over a short time period.

WeTransfer --WeTransfer is great for sharing larger movies and other media files. You can upload up to 2GB of files. You can email or share the link to the files with as many as 20 people.

Your files will be active for 7 days. No account registration is required. And you can create as many file transfers as you want. That's handy if you want to share different files with different groups of people. Best for sharing large files over a medium period of time. Share any number of files in second. is an instant, real-time file publishing and sharing service. With there is no need for special software or plug-ins. It is a simple file sharing and publishing tool for all types of materials including documents, video, music and photos. The first 2gb are free.

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