Friday, April 29, 2016

Class Summary 4-28-2016

It is important that you remember your usernames and passwords. Many of you have your PC set to not required a password to get into it. It starts and logs itself in because you set it to do that. It is still using your password. You just do not have to key it in. Jump ahead to a time when your computer must be worked on because it is no longer working. The technician may need that password. And there is no way for us to “discover” it from your hard drive. Often the only option is to copy all your data to another disk, format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. And even then we need your Microsoft account username and password to set up all the features in Windows 10. When your computer is reloaded with Windows any programs you had installed will no longer be there. Somewhere you need to write down the following usernames and passwords. Sometime in the future you will need to have them.
  • Windows Username and Password
  • Microsoft Username and Password
  • Email address and password (you may have more than one email address)
  • SSID and key to access (this is for your home system)
  • Comcast Username and Password (if you have Comcast) so you can access Xfinity Wifi when you are away from home.
When you are downloading and installing new software it may add additional programs running in Startup. To check that, open Task Manager (right-click on Start and choose it). Then click the Startup tab to see what is running and disable what you do not want to start every time you turn on your PC. Also, to check to see if that new installation added other unwanted programs during the install, right-click on the Start button and choose Programs and Features. This will list all the programs. Locate the Installed On tab and click it to sort the items in date sequence. You might have to click it twice to get the newest on top of the list. Here you will see the program you just installed. Before or after its entry make sure nothing else installed as well. If so, you can uninstall them while you are in this window.

All PC’s come with USB ports. If the color of the port (look inside) is white, it is a USB 2 port. If it is blue, it is USB 3. Many of the newer PC’s are coming with both. If your device has a blue end, use the blue USB port. It is the fastest. Plugging white to blue or blue to white is a waste of resources--you will be running a lot slower if you are running a USB 3 device in a USB 2 port. It will work, but not with the speed it is capable of.

tinySpell Adds Spell Check To Notepad, WordPad, And All Windows Programs. This is a quick download and installation. Now whenever you are in a program that does not have a spellchecker tinySpell does the checking for you. download

Email STRIPPER is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails. I have been using it for years. You copy the text out of an email and paste it into email stripper. Click Strip it!. All the junk is removed and it is ready to click Paste to copy it to the clipboard and then paste the cleaned text into the email you want to send. Also remember to get rid of the list of other people's email addresses so you do not include them in yours.

Hard of hearing? This is great free service. The phone and installation is free and there is no monthly cost. When a call comes in the phone will display whatever the caller is saying and you read it on the screen. I saw it in action and it worked great.

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