Thursday, May 5, 2016

Class Summary 5-5-2016

The mouse pointer sometimes referred to as the cursor is white and very small by default. By opening the Control Panel and Mouse, you can change the size, color and other attributes.

On the Pointers tab, pull down the Scheme list

Choose the desired size and color, then click Apply.

Under the Pointer Options tab, you can change other options. I check the bottom one so that when I have “lost” the pointer I can press CTRL and and easily find it.

Startup Files are executed when windows is starting, before you can have control of it. Access them from the Task Manager. Open it by right clicking on the task bar and selecting Task Manager.

Click the Startup tab to see a list of all programs that start first. To disable one, click it and then click Disable.

Ninite is a great website to use to install a number of useful programs without having to worry about getting unwanted programs or browser toolbars installed as well. Simply access and check off the programs you want to install or update and then click the Get Your Ninite button to download and run the installer.

Can we capture a video? This was asked of a member who is a participant in an online discussion. He would like to capture the video of the streamed event so he can review it later. The simple answer is yes. is a loal auction site hwere you can bid on items for sale or even post an item to sell.

Zip Files are found with the extension ZIP. They can be created by selecting one or more files, right-clicking and selecting Send To > Compressed… The file or group of files will be placed in a container with the ZIP extension. The size of the zipped file is usually less than the sum of the sizes of the files being compressed. To see files inside a zipped file, double click the file and the list of its contents appears. In the ribbon above select Extract Files to create a new folder containing all the files in their original form.

MWsnap does a much better job of capturing something from the screen than the Snipping Tool.

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