Friday, May 27, 2016

Class Summary 5-26-2016

Windows 10 Custom Guide

Get the full guide here:

How To Password Protect Files. We have talked before on how to password protect Word and Excel files right at the Save As screen. This program will give you the capability of password protecting any file on your computer.

How to go back to Window 7 and how to stop the 10 upgrade. Some have gotten Windows 10 forced onto their computer and really do not want it. I do not understand why, but they can get rid 10 and roll back to their previous OS as long as they do it within 30 days of the 10 upgrade. This article explains how.

How To Mount ISO Files In Windows 10/8.x. Most do not know what an ISO file is, so if that is you, this is not an article you need to look at. But those that use ISO files will find this useful.

How To Speed Up Your PC. We have talked about the free maintenance programs I use to clean my computer (ccleaner, glary utilities, malwarebytes, and superantispyware). This article talks about some of them and others.

Printing an email is not just pressing Ctrl+P. In Yahoo you press P on the keyboard and your email prints without showing everything else on your screen. In Gmail you click the tiny icon of a printer in the upper right of the email on the screen. You can also select the portion you want to print and then press Ctrl+P. Make sure the checkbox on the left side of the window after pressing Ctrl+P is checked for Selection. In all cases a preview window shows in Chrome.

Separating tabs from a browser. You do not have to open a second browser to look at two views at the same time. Open the second window in another tab, then drag the tab down and it will disconnect from the browser and show a second browser window. You can then resize each and see them both on the screen at the same time. To put them back into one window, drag the tab to the tab area on the other browser window. They are not back together as one window.

MailChimp is a great way to send multiple emails. If you send them using your normal email like comcast, embarque, yahoo, gmail, or whatever you can send multiple emails by inserting more than one email address in the TO, CC, or BCC boxes. However, each email service has a maximum number of emails you can send in a month without being considered spamming. Using a free service like MailChimp lets you maintain a database of names and email addresses and when you send using their service everyone gets an individual email. You can even write it now and schedule it to be sent in the future. After it is sent you can check the reporting feature to see how many were actually read and even who read it.

Phonevite is another free online application that will make phone calls for you. You set up a database of phone numbers, record your message, and tell phonevite when to make the calls. Everyone on your list gets a phone call with your messsage. Great way to invite people to a meeting or a party and then again to remind them.

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