Friday, June 10, 2016

Class Summary 6-9-2016

We began with a walk through how to obtain and easily update the maintenance programs I use to keep a PC clean. The following is a white paper is a white paper I wrote on that subject:

White Paper on Maintenance

We ran to download safely the mainenance programs and put the ninite installer on the desktop for easy access. Then we talked in detail about glary utilities walking through how to use it on a daily basis to clean things up and shutdown your PC.

We have gone over this in the past and have written other summaries on glary. Here is a what to type into the address bar of your browser to locate those notes:


The word “glary” is what we are searching for. The word “site:” tells the browser to limit the search to the website that follows the colon.

Then we talked more about the use of OneDrive and Google Photos to insure you have your important documents and your photos in the cloud for safekeeping. Search this blog site for more summaries on these topics. Also the summary of this month's presentation at the general meeting. You can find that at

Watched a couple of funny video on YouTube:

Trunk Monkey


If you are taking a road trip and staying at motels you might want to use this site: Checking for Bedbugs before you book a hotel

We have talked a bit about disabling programs from starting when your PC boots. This reduces the startup time and stops unnecessary programs from constantly running in the background. This article explains how to make a program autostart on bootup. For example, you might want to help someone who does not know much about computers have their PC automatically open their email when they turn on the computer.

We also used to search for someone by their phone number and then using their name or their email address. You get enough information to determine if this is the person you are looking for, but have to pay to get everything about them.

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