Monday, June 27, 2016

Class Summary 6-23-2016

This was our first class this year using Google Hangout. All went well and I wa able to see everyone that joined the group. However, since I am using my phone as a hotspot I ate up all of my hotspot allocation of data. I was under the assumption that unlimited 4g data meant unlimited for using as a hotspot as well. It does not. I get 8gb of free hotspot data after which it drops down to 128 kbps. Later that day I was streaming a movie and found that it was rescanning every minute or two. I checked the phone and found out I was over my free 4g limit. So next week I will hangout using my phone and see how that works. I can always show you my screen if necessary. Let’s see how that works out.

Link to the Hangout is

We talked about where downloads go. If you are in Google Chrome they go to your downloads folder. If you are in Firefox or Internet Explorer you can access downloads using Ctrl+J.

I was asked how to change Windows 10 so you do not need to enter a password. It is very simple. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R. Type NETPLWIZ. At the top of the next screen you should see a checkbox that is checked to require a password be entered. Uncheck the box and click Apply. A second window will appear. Enter your current password twice to show that you are the owner of this system. Click OK and the next time you turn your computer on it will skip asking for a password.

Find my device allows you to locate devices on your network. Start > Settings > Find my device to access it. BTW Win+I will open the Settings window.

We talked a little about Google Docs. You can share any of the files in your Google Drive with someone else and both be able to work on the file. Your edits are instantly made as long as you are signed on to the Internet. Your free Google drive has 15gb of space. It is used for your Gmail, your documents, and your photos.

We took a look at the following articles:

Geek Uninstaller

UltraSearch 2.1 with file content search

Fix Windows 10 Start Menu problems

Hiding the webcam

Install & Play Classic Windows 7 Games on Windows 10/8.1/8

A great set of card games and all online and all free

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