Thursday, June 16, 2016

Class Summary 6-16-2016

Free Phone Service? All you need is an old AT&T or T-Mobile phone. 200 minutes talk, 500 min text and 500mb of data. Not too much, but it is free. All you need is to spend $5 for a SIMM card.

Install & Play Classic Windows 7 Games on Windows 10/8.1/8. This is a third party program that puts all those games you liked in 7 that went away with the upgrades.

Netflix Secret Categories lets you choose the categories of films to watch and it displays them for you in pictures. This is a free site: not part of Netflix

Hangout with me during the summer months while you (and me for a few weeks) are away from the Club. You will need a Google account and will be prompted for your username (email you signed up with) and password. If you do not have an account you can set up one. You do not need a gmail address to open a Google account. Just use your normal email address and assign a password to it to sign in to Google. This account is more than a way into hangouts. It also give you 15gb of cloud space, access to Google Docs, access to unlimited storage of your photos on Google Photos, and more.

Another great shortcut to remember in Windows 10 and more
Win+I opens the Settings Window
Win+E opens a new instance of File Explorer
Win+L locks the screen
Win+D clears the desktop of running programs without closing them
Win+M clears the desktop of running programs that have a minimize button
Win+R opens the run dialog box

A great set of card games and all online and all free

How to Extend Windows 10’s 30-Day Limit for Rolling Back to Windows 7 or 8.1

Type NETPLWIZ in the run dialog box to remove the need to enter a password when Windows starts. Also WINVER will display the current version of the OS running.

CCleaner includes in the tools section a Drive Wiper which can be use to totally clear data off a disk drive. You choose the level of cleaning.

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