Friday, May 20, 2016

Class Summary 5-19-2016

Most of the class was all about Google Docs. Here is the link to the white paper I wrote:

Not in the white paper is what we demonstrated about using your voice to type a document and being able to translate a document from one language to another. To turn on voice click Tools > Voice typing. Then you choose the language you want to type in and click the microphone. As you talk your words appear on the screen with no need to use the keyboard!

Have a letter or email from someone in another language? Copy and paste into a blank Google document and choose Tools > Translate document… Pick the from and to languages and in seconds the document will be translated.

Then a question came up about translating a web page. Easy to do with the Google Translate extension. Then it is as simple as opening the page and then clicking the Translate button in the toolbar:

Click Translate This Page

Choose the language

Instantly the page appears in the language chosen.

Revolver extension for Google Chrome
Turns your Tabs into a slide show as it displays them one at a time every few seconds

A new Notepad in the cloudGreat for viewing entries across PC’s and for using on Chromebooks

Safe Forwarding
Be careful when forwarding emails. Here is the bottom of the page I forwarded recently:

Notice the links that go to areas like Unsubscribe? If I forward this email as is, then then the person this is being sent to can unsubscribe me from an email list I enjoy receiving. And I will not even know it. This is how some have been dropped from my email list for the class.

So before sending the forwarded email, I select the items that link back to my account and press the Delete key to remove them. Now they cannot change my email standing.

Facebook Scam Alert
Don’t accept a friend request from someone you are already friends with

Chrome Hits #1
Last month Chrome took over with 42% of users. IE dropped to 41% and Firefox dropped to 10%

Act NOW to Keep Your Windows 10 Upgrade Free After July 29

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